This little bird has made many husbands leave their wives and children for other ladies, some who are the age mates of their daughters. 

This little bird has turned many leaders to lepers. 

This little bird has rendered a lot of young men poor and reduced men of stature to a loaf of bread.

It turns a wise man into a fool.

If you don't build a cage for it, it can put your life in a cage.

This little bird made David Kill one of his best soldiers, Uriah. 

This little bird made Judah sneak into the den of prostitutes to cure his konji (horny) and ended up sleeping with his daughter-in-law, Tamar.

This little bird made Amnon throw away his conscience and defiled her sister. 

This Little Bird made Prince Shechem defile the virginity of Dinah before he remembered to marry her and he was killed before the marriage rites were complete because of that act. 

The Samaritan woman at the well who had had 5 husbands lived her life and relationships serving the penis of men and didn't find TRUE LOVE until true love met her. 

This Little Bird can cause a Big Problem for you if you don't CAGE it. 

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