An athlete set on a race does not limit himself to his immediate surroundings, he look beyond. He knows that any ignorance on his part to areas he ought to pay attention to would become a threat to the end result of it all.

To win the race, he neither pay too much attention to the criticisms nor the accolades.

Why? Something is set beyond him.

Something he needs to patiently endure for though the race may be hectic.

He doesn't start assuming he has arrived even if the race is just few metres ahead to be completed.

He understands and know he has strength but something within keeps telling him not to glory in himself.

Beyond the gifts there is great need for balancing.

We know you have been endued with power, we know the holy Ghost is working greatly in you and we know you are unique in that which you have been gifted with but it is beyond that.

I realised and see men with gifts but void of fruits.

Lack of Contentment, uncontrolled Anger, Greediness, Pride among the rest would meddle the spring of that Power.

Gifts would take us to places, only character can keep us there.

Spiritual gifts would bring us gifts but only the fruits of the Spirit would guide us on how to handle the situation.

Gehazi! a man who should have understood this before the Leprosy of Namaan became his. He was a man after what the gift can bring and not what the fruits should sustain. Greediness which was the fruit of the flesh at work.

Power would bring us records of victory (casting out demons/healing the sick/ mending the broken hearted) but only fruits would help us finished that which we ought to finish.

Samson! A man who fail to understand this. A man who allow emotions rule over the directions of God for his life.

Lack of self control at work!

The anointing of God would bring us to the throne (Stage/Pulpit) but only fruits would keep us there.

Saul! King Saul anointed of God but chooses to obey the voice of men to the voice of God.

Lack of Faithfulness at work! 

For we can't obey someone who we choose to be unfaithful to.

We could go on and on to list them out but shouldn't the few serve as example to us?

Beloved, talents and Potentials would announce you but only godly character would keep you there.

What would differentiate us from a mere magician is the level to which we have allowed those fruits to abide in us. When they abide, people would surely know us by them.

Impatience or lack of inability to wait always cloud the realities of readiness, preparation and equipping.

Jesus, the Prophet, is the Way, the Truth and the Life. In Him there is no darkness, no stumbling block – and no potholes.

If you work with the Holy Spirit to work out the character of Jesus in you, you will remain sensitive to his leading and steer clear of the enemy’s plan to leave you stranded on the side of the road. 

You won't be stranded in that long time ministerial journey. The gifts which might bring you the kind of home another would pray for would surely need the fruits of the holy spirit to keep you going.

Beyond the gifts, work earnestly on the fruits.

Once again; If you work with the Holy Spirit to work out the character of Jesus in you, you will remain sensitive to His leading and steer clear of the enemy’s plan to leave you stranded on the side of the road.

The fruits guides you on how to handle the gifts.

The gifts gives you "what" to say but the fruits gives you the understanding of how to say them.

It is a journey!

The gifts gives you utterances, only the fruits shows you the "how" of the utterances.

To make a complete man, a man caught in the fullness of Jesus, walk on the fruits.

That you can prophesy doesn't makes you meek and gentle. Your acknowledgement of the importance of the Fruits makes you one.

Gifts would not sustain the passion for souls Love would and it is a Fruit.

Gift does not put away challenges and obstacles. They might come but only the fruit of Patience would keep you standing.

Temptations would come, I can't assure you the working of miracles to helping you overcome but the Spirit Fruits "Faithfulness, Patience and Joy" would help you overcome.

Seductions would come, speaking in tongues and discernment of spirits wouldn't help you overcome. Only the Spirit Fruit called "Self control" would help you out.

Beyond that area of purpose, calling, ministry, career or whatever term you choose to give it. Your first ministry is unto souls.

If you aren't patient enough, you can't deal with men.

If you aren't a man of Faith, you can't please God.

If your life is void of the Fruit called Love, all that you do become vain.

Work on your character first before yearning for power.

A man of power without virtue is like a soldier with a weapon he can't operate.

Gifts are weapons for the battle, Fruits are wisdom given unto the operations of the weapons.

Being like Jesus is growing like him in Wisdom, Stature and Favour with God and man.

A pungent man would neither find Favour in the sight of God nor the sight of a man.

Bad characters repels and would never attract.

No man can even handle those gifts with mere morals. It takes the things of the immortal to operates the immortal. Ponder


Faith Agi

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