So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. *Genesis 1:27*

*Going back to the account of creation(Genesis 1), you would see that every living thing created of God, was made after its own kind. Fishes after the fish kind, i.e. with fish nature and fish life.* Animals after their own kind, with animal nature and animal life, even trees after its own kind, with tree nature and tree life. 

*But man, was the only creation not made after their own kind (genesis 1:26–28). They were made after the God kind (in His image and His likeness). So man was not made to function like mankind, but like the God-kind.* Man was created with the God-life. In him. No man lived like this, until the fall of man and unfortunately, he fell losing this life of God in him. Then man having lost true life, continued to exist in the earth realm, though he didn’t have life. 

*Man lived like what he is not. Man walked dead. But science did not understand this, and in their limited wisdom, they called this deadness life; Human life.* Men became addressed as human beings which is not what they were created to be. 

*Man was created to be divine with the life of God, but having fallen, man lost that divinity and became a dead being, whose deadness was given the title "human life" because he still Breathed and walked in the earth realm*. "The day you eat of this fruits you shall surely die", man did die, and then existed dead. We will continue tomorrow. You are blessed. TCF


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