Warring on the knees was never enough cried out my inner man.
This is beyond just praying for liberation of men.
This is beyond just giving to people in kind and cash.
This is beyond just counselling and encouraging men with words.
This is beyond just showing Love to people.
This is beyond checking up on people and helping them out.

The pleasure of God must prosper in our hands I affirmed.
Oh! then what exactly is this course all about? I cried out from within.
Then came the small still voice saying;
Intercession is more than what is penned down above.
If you want to be truly one, you must lay down your all for this course.
Your ALL! Your ALL!! Your ALL!!!
You must travail conveniently even in the midst of inconveniences.

Putting others first even when yours is yet to be attended to.
Praying wholeheartedly for the solution to other people's troubles while yours persist.
The greatest secret to experiencing a divine intervention.
A man that succeed is not the one that is able to solve his problem.
The real man of success, the one who is able to assist in solving the problems of others.
Sacrificing your all to see to the welfare of my people.

Taking territories for men blood related or not.
Wholeheartedly is the service wether in the midst of rain, storms, winds and scorching sun.
Blessing others not because they would bless you back.
Fixing back the tables that was broken by men who you put food on their tables.
Pouring out your weaknesses before the God who give strength.
Looking through the lens of Mercy and compassion at all times.

An intercessor, the Lilly in the midst of thorns.
Like a mother would not eat unless her young ones are satisfied, so also you should.
Like a Shepherd wouldn't rest until his flock are guaranteed of safety, so also you should.
Like a fowl who is forever active and ready to combat with the hawk just for the safety of its chicks, so also you must.
Giving no sleep to the eyes until there is a total inner peace.
A prevailing man opening the portals of spirit by travailing!

Beyond the tongues and actions, the motive behind them is the main indicator of who you truly are!
Go out in thy might and possess your possession.
Go out in thy might and open up deliverance and liberation channels unto souls!
The more we look like Jesus, the more we become an intercessor.
He is, divinely we are too as joint heirs.

All entities of an intercessor, embodied in the pathway of Selflessness.
To everyone out there working in one way or the other either in the open or in the secret to see to the growth, liberation and well-being of others, you are helped. Amen!

Faith Agi.

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