Dr Kenneth Copeland
2nd Word Session, Encounter Night Day 2

*Faith without corresponding action is dead.

Last night I told you about my little great grand son Clark. I told you that he fell into a small pool and he drowned. They found in there, lifted him out and rushed him to the hospital. They got a small heart beat and his heart began to beat stronger and our family was excited glorifying God; I told you that we have faith in God: we have faith in God in the morning, we have faith in God in the noon day, we have faith in God in the evening time. Few hours, little Clark slept in the hands of Jesus
Have faith in God. Faith is always Now. If it isn’t now, then it is not faith (Hebrews 6:12). I had faith last night that little Clark will live, hey he is alive. Little Clark David is more alive than anybody in this room for my faith is now.

40th Anniversary prophetic feast. I am feasting tonight. I announce to you tonight that God’s Word is true, I don’t care whether you believe it or not or whether I believe it or not. God’s Word is true, it is absolute truth, it is absolute light, it is absolute good and it has always been and it is always will be.

Well, Brother Copeland, did Jesus take your little grandson? No. A million times, well I am so sorry, I lost him. I didn’t lose him, he is not lost. I know exactly where he is, he knows exactly where I am. The only difference is, he just moved. He just left town.

Prayer: Father, we thank You for your Word tonight and as we approach this marvellous covenant tonight, we approach it with humble hearts, hearts full of praise and honour for our great God. Thank You. 

James 2:15-18
Faith without works is dead
Even so faith, if it hath works is dead being alone (James 2:17). Faith without corresponding action is dead.
Faith is a spiritual force, it is a powerful unseen force used by the Almighty God to create the Universe. He is a faith God. Faith is generated by the Word of God. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the covenants of God. This Book is a Covenant book, covenant of God. He is a covenant making God.
Who was the biggest loser? Satan? No. God. Church Gist. God lost his man, God lost the woman he created with His own hands. God had given Adam absolute authority over this planet and His own created son committed high treason; bowed his knee to the devil and the devil took over. Adam had a leash on this earth and as such he was literally the god of this world. By covenant, God brought the blessing on Adam and then the blessing came, the blessing of Abraham.
How did the blessing of Abraham come? By faith, by covenant. Abraham believed God, having faith in God (Romans 4:16-20)
How do you give glory to God: by being strong in faith. Strong in the good times, strong in the bad times, strong in the strong times, strong in the weak time, always strong in faith. 

There are laws that govern it, faith is a spiritual force. Faith is an absolute force. Take for instance, the laws that govern electricity. They are very definite laws and aren’t they a blessing but the same electricity that provides the cooling, the same electricity that provides power to the sound system, therefore I can speak to 50,000 people and be heard. But if you violate the laws of electricity, it will kill you. So there my friend is the blessing and the curse. This is a natural force (force that governs electricity), comes from the natural world. 
Faith comes from the spirit world. There is a law of the spirit, for God who is a Spirit created all natural things. 


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