Not all nights are for sleeping.

Not all days are for Eating and chatting.


All days are for fellowship.

All days ought to draw one deeper into the deeps of the holy of holies.

No place of communion at all and yet you claim to be in Christ?

Social media! The major problem of my generation.

There are times you need to forget about Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and other platforms that must have been taking much of your time in order to thoroughly connect with God at the place of fellowship.

If there is any platform that should thrive best in our lives, it must be the platform of Prayer.

Men that utter and whom their words are not altered are men with the burning Altar.

Not every day is comedy, not everyday is fun.

Comedy make you laugh for a while 

but it never bring men to Jesus. What brings men closer to Jesus is first, the capacity you set up in place of Prayer.

Sometimes you need to remove your eyes from vain glory and remember the shame which Sin is gradually bringing to your generation.

If any emergency rises in your family now, there is nobody who can stand in the gap and you are comfortable with that?

That is not the will of God friend.

Don't be carried away with depth of rhema, fire and revival slangs when darkness has made a vow that nobody will ever rise from that family.

Let the souls of men talk to you.

Things are not supposed to be the way they are now, you don't like them? Then set them into change, into the right kind of motion.

Numbers of likes and comments online will not fix the ancient bills your father refused to pay.

Please don't get me wrong!

I am not saying you shouldn't be social but whatever takes more of your time at the expense of your communion with God should be put thoroughly under scrutiny.

Disconnect if there is need for that.

Fashion without God become useless.

Business without God will have no life.

A life without God is as good as dead.

Anything void of God is void of life.

How do you get to know him more?

Prayer! Prayer!! Prayer!!!

Men settle things in place of Prayer. It is a relationship pattern. That is how it has been set in place from ages.

It is an act of worship.

Oh! you don't know how important believer's incense is to his/her journey of Faith?

If there is anything that should be first on my priority list, it should be nothing other than my communion with the Father.

Someone must rise and pay in place of Prayer, if not, you will only be known as an online superstar who is not in line with the Spirits.

Go and pay for what your father refused to pay.

Pay for that which no one in your family has been able to pay for. You do that in place of Prayer.

Men are made in place of Fellowship.

When they asked Moses: "Who made thee...?"

He couldn't give a reply, because he knew that he was not made yet to change narratives.

When he came back years later, the waters, the heaven over Eygtpt and even insects and animals knew that a man made by God has shown up.

Friend, quoting revival rhymes and rhemas is not a show that a man has been made.

Go back to your altar and set a continual fellowship.

There are bills to pay in the spirit realm before the physical can be taken.

We pay it or we cry.

The people you are dragging numbers of likes and comments online have people breaking the fallow grounds of their own father's houses.

You don't measure a man by earthly possession, man is estimated to a greater extent, how well the pleasure of God is able to prosper in his hands.

How can the pleasure of God prosper in the hands of man who hasn't even come to know and understand God's pattern for his life?

You can't know it save in place of communion with the Father.

In place of communion, you come and you are united to him.

Destinies and Generations are connected to you.

If you don't become relevant in place of Prayer, you can't be relevant in place of manifestation.

As a student, If you can read for hours non stop, what is stopping you from communing with your father within just an hour?

As a business man, if you can take seminars and workshops for hours, then why can't you set a time to converse with he who you claim to be in?

Go and settle many things.

We will miss you, but what you are going to settle there is more important than all the rhema you are giving us here daily.

Remember, your soul first.

What do I pray for?

If you don't know what to pray for, I tell you that there are many things to pray for.

You don't pray only when things are not being as you think they should be.

You don't pray only when you feel like Praying.

You don't pray only when emergency arises.

You pray because it is an act of worship.

You pray because it is the only key that can help you continually stand before the father.

You pray because you need to see the course of Jesus prosper.

Prayer is not a feeling, it is an act of worship.

It is a platform where you connect and burn with fire.

It widened your conviction.

It makes clearer your identity.

Men ought to always pray and not faint, pray!

Can I trust God with you now for God to set your prayer altar on fire again?

Make a shift.


#An act of worship#

#Set things right with God#

#A course to live for#

©️ Faith Agi.

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