Life could be much fun that it is until "life" turns around. The other side of life!

The journey might have seems so smooth until one get to the path where there is need to get in and out of one pothole into another.

Sometimes, nasty and unplanned things could occur that just ruin life as we might have initially know it to be. 

The sudden Visitation of the die-hard disease called Covid-19 which spread across the whole world is a better illustration of how sudden life could turn and change the plans of men.

It happens, looking like the whole world is scrumbling, screaming even seems to be scarce this time.

"No! No!! No!!!.....this can't be happening to me" seems to be the only word in stock.

It can be the death of a Parent or Sibling, a failed project or exams, Parents divorce,  Sexual assault and abuse, Criticisms, betrayal, an accident, inability to meet up with the demands of those who one is leading/heading, inability to meet up with certain expectations, a sudden phone call, we could go on and on.

In all these or one of these, one may be moved to ask the similar question, 'Why me?' 

Before we proceed, one thing to note about life is that challenges are part of it. They are!

Do not allow anyone deceive you to believe that once you are in Christ Jesus, you are totally free from life challenges.

The Apostle said in Romans 8:18  "For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us."

The Apostle was a man moved by emulation to what is ahead rather than the present persecution they might be going through. Therefore, whatever comes out of life would have little or no effect on him.

The above verse gives evident that there is always the other side of life. However, there is an expected end for those who can actually count such a season in life as a season of "The trying of Faith". The point of reckoning!.

Even though the suffering the Apostle was referring to there all point to nothing other than the sake of the cross, he still reckoned it to be nothing compared to that glory which is to come.

Probably, Dreams have waited and almost died. Dead-end streets again and again. 

You might have even got over it, already on the dry land where everything seems to be cool again and probably what come next is "You have to get across this one also" and you be like "Not again!"

In time like that, it is very possible to feel Empty, Unfulfilled and  Dissatisfied. 

It is very possible to feel like you are the only one at it and that he doesn't care for you any longer.

The disciples felt the same way and that got them into asking "Master careth not thou for us?"

Someone might even be driven to ask "Does he still care?" or "Does he still loves me?"

Capital YES! God still does care very much for you.

Partiality is never in his personality and so he have no Joy seeing anyone in pain.

He knows what you are going through, he knows you are the one going through them and it isn't as if he has been good to a particular set of people, leaving you out of the equation. No!

Jesus knew that his disciples were in trouble and all he would have needed them do at that particular point in time is to cast all their cares on him.

The least he could have expected from them is to see them focused on the problems (raging storms and angry waves) rather than on him.

Also, the least he want us do at that state of being between the devil and the deep blue sea is question him or think he is not with us.

Instead of asking him repeatedly "Why me?", just stay glued to him as your helper (EBENEZER).

Instead of doubting his love for you, just allow him cover you completely with his arms. 

Don't you know that a man who doubt God's Love and presence in his life gives the highest chances to his life opponent (devil)?

Probably you are somehow confused and frustrated about what you are going through right now, one thing is certain- no matter how bad it is, God our Father is ready to work it out for your good.

If we can truly come to him with all our loads of care, he would help us out.

He wouldn't want you go through that which is beyond your control and he wouldn't want that past become a bitterness or flaw to you.

He still Love you and his love endures forever.

Instead of asking the question "Why me?",  Cast all your care upon him; for he careth for you. (1 Peter 5:7)


©️ Faith Agi.

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