-Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on "Profit of Wisdom Part 2" Ecclesiastes 10:10

Our objective of this service is to understand the dividends of walking in Wisdom. Wisdom brings profit. The one who walks in the way of Wisdom walks in the way of profit and the person who walks devoid of Wisdom walks in the realm of losses. It is made crystar clear in Scriptures that wisdom is profitable. People who walk in Wisdom walk in profit. We learnt that wisdom brings our releases, recoveries, multiplications and replications.  

1) Wisdom brings rulership. 
It enthrones people. Wisdom speaking in the book of Proverbs 8:15-16 says "By me, Kings reign, and princes decree justice." Also, according to the book of 1 Peter 2:9, our destiny is a destiny of royalty and rulership. Wisdom positions us to reign. Revelation 1:6. There is a throne for you but it is Wisdom that puts you on that throne. The throne is ready but the throne is not occupiable without the wisdom of God. Every realm of God where God has ordained that you rule and reign, whether it is in the industry, the academic realm or financial realm, it is Wisdom that puts you on the throne. Wisdom effectively positioned Joseph in the throne in Egypt. Genesis 41:39-41. It is the way of Wisdom that is the way into the Kingdom. If you are going to be a King and to be settled in your domain, you need the Wisdom of God. Wisdom puts you "over", the absence of wisdom puts you "under". Whether you will be "over" or you will be "under" in life is a function of the Wisdom of God. Do you know that the throne was available for Joseph but he didn't sit on it by prayer, luck or faith. He sat on it by Wisdom. With everything Joseph carried, if he did not give Pharoah the Wisdom needed for Egypt, he would have returned to captivity. Despite the prophecies on his life, his giftings and talents, he would have returned back to the prison. There are so many prayerful people that are still very defeated. There are chronic fasters who are still struggling in life. There are highly gifted people whose giftings have not seen the light of day because the wisdom of God is yet to explode in their lives. 

2) Wisdom brings increase and abundance. 
The way of wisdom is the way of increase, abundance and wealth. The whole of the wealth of Egypt was put under Joseph by the wisdom of God. Genesis 39:41-44. Solomon lived in wealth by the wisdom of God. 1 Kings 10:23. Anywhere there is wisdom, wealth is at home. Wisdom is a magnet of wealth. It is possible to be knowledgeable without wealth but it is not possible to have functional wisdom without wealth. II Chronicles 9:22. When mentality increases, prosperity increases. When strategy increases, struggle reduces. Supernatural strength will bring supernatural supply. Ezekiel 28:4. There is a wisdom to have to get gold and conquer silver. There are people that became billionaires during the lockdown. The problem is not the economy it is the lack of mentality. There are those who have been waiting on God for things to happen and there is a wisdom to make things happen. Proverbs 16:16. Wisdom will give you gold plus more. Wisdom has more to offer than just gold. When wisdom rises, wealth rises. When you shift in wisdom, you shift in manifestation. The Lokoja crusade was massive and now we are receiving calls from everywhere. We didn't take any offering from anybody at the crusade ground. We don't need to because we came for their souls, not their cash. This is why the Church must be wealthy. We must command resources so we can discipline the devil and his agents. 

3) Wisdom brings strength. 
All-round strength is a function of Wisdom. A wise man is strong. Proverbs 24:5, Job 12:13. Wise people are not weak people. Anywhere you find wisdom, you find strength. Wisdom forbids weakness. Wisdom forbids feebleness especially the Wisdom of God. When we are talking about strength from wisdom, we are talking about mental strength.  When the Wisdom of God is at work, you can never be weak mentally and emotionally. You are never permanently a victim of depression, discouragement, frustration and despair because you are connected to superior light. There is something you know that makes it impossible for no devil to play on your emotions. A wise man is very strong especially if you know that wisdom is revelational light and Wisdom is access to divine purpose. With Wisdom, you have electricity of mentality. You are equal to any task mentally per time. You become too tough for the devil to handle. There is something about Wisdom that keeps you strong and well. 
Did you hear of my schedule yesterday? After finishing a crusade in the morning, I visited a Church in Lokoja. I Ministered and preached to them and the testimony of the Pastor of the Church, you need to hear it. I also went to Church number 2, and then to Abaji, went to Dunamis Church and prayed and ministered to the people who gathered, went to pray on their altar. That is Church number 4, then I branched to Dunamis Church, Kwali where they were having Teenagers Convention. That is Church number 5 in the morning. Came in here to prepare for Sunday service and then stepped into Lugbe across here, where the Church gathered for evening crusade, and then left there and visited Home cell number 1, number 2, 3 and 4 and then came here for Pastors prayer meeting from 10pm -11pm and then went out to pray in prophetic action before returning to rest a little and here we are again. If you like that schedule, please come and try it for two days. I prophesy to somebody here, the last day of weakness shall be the last forever. 

4) Wisdom attracts Divine Presence. 
God is permanently the companion of the wise. I Samuel 18:14. The Lord is close to the wise and far from the fool. Genesis 39:2. Carriers of Divine Wisdom are commanders of Divine Presence. When you come around them, you feel and experience something. Walking in wisdom can increase the auction. When you have the level of God's anointing on your life and connect it to the Wisdom of God, then the anointing explodes because there can be disorganized auctionizaton. When you walk in God's Wisdom, anywhere you step, people feel God. The Wisdom of God is critical and far beyond smartness. 

I have two conclusions:
1)Whatever it takes to get at the Wisdom of God is worth the cost and the effort. 
2) The major access to the Wisdom of God is the fear of the Lord. The fear of the Lord is the highway into the world of Wisdom. Job 28:28, Genesis 42:18. Anybody who does not fear God does not have a future in the world of wisdom. 

What is this fear of God all about?
The fear of God is existence with a conscience that is awake and alive. Acts 24:16. When your conscience is not awake, wisdom is never in view. You may not be perfect but you must have conscience. It is the presence of conscience that delivers you from eternity in hell. The tenderness of your conscience is the authenticity of Christianity. David was not perfect at all but he was brutally tender. May you continue to fear God and may your conscience not be erased in Jesus Name. 


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