Testimony Of A Lady That Got Dr. Paul Enenche Crying And Wept  During The 3rd Service!

Last Two Weeks Dr. Becky The Wife Of Dr. Paul Enenche Went Out For Evangelism And Met A Young Lady, Evangelised To Her And Led Her To Christ. The Young Lady Who Was Rejected And Abandoned By Her Family Members And Friends As A Result Of An Inherited Affliction Called Sickle Cell Anemia That Led To The Amputation Of Her Right Hand.

During The Testimony Section She Said, Whenever She Was In Pains She Will Inject Herself With What Was Wrongly Priscribed To Her Until She Got Addicted To The Injection That Led To The Amputation Of Her Right Hand, Bringing Out Offensive Odours And Had Several Injuries On Her Body.

She Was Located By God When Dr. Becky Enenche Went Out For Evangelism Some Two Weeks Ago, Preached To Her, She Accepted Jesus, Prayed For Her, Took Her To The Hospital So They Can Help Dress Her Wounds, Got Her A House Furnished, Catered For, Arrangement For Artificial Hand On The Way.

As Soon As She Was Told That Artificial Hand Will Be Provided For Her, She Jumped Lifting Up The Left Normal Hand And Rejoicing. At This Point Dr. Paul Enenche Could Not Hold Himself Anymore, Started Crying And Weeping Having Compassion On The Young Girl.

The Young Girl Was Healed, The Pains She Was Having Disappeared, The Offensive Odour Was Arrested Too, Declarations Was Made For The Change Of The Inherited Disease (Sickle Cell Anemia) To Turn To Her Favour, Artificial Hand Soon Be Provided

Many Could Not Hold Themselves In The Service Anymore, They Were Overwhelmed Also With Compassion And Joined In The Weeping.

This Is What Church Is All About!



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