I thought it was all about discipline but I discovered that purity is warfare. 

While growing up, I listened to men like Bishop Oyedepo... so we were radicals, militants when it comes to areas of structure, discipline and order. The discipline was so rigid... I went for evangelism one time, then I had a mission to get prostitutes for God... I said, "if it is women, we have passed the test", until my heart got tied to a damsel. That was when I would be at home, my soul would be longing after her like in a dry and thirsty land where no water is. That was when I knew it is beyond discipline. I had entered another energy level... My heart and soul, I want to pray (pray in tongues for a while), I will now check my phone if she sent a message. 

Come out from among them, touch not the unclean thing. They that bear the vessels of God must be pure.

When I see her, I want to hug her: handshake is not enough again, me that didn't use to shake. I started struggling for months. I said, "this thing is warfare." I had to go to the lady and told her, "this thing can't work. I am suffocating and if I continue for one month, it's either I sleep with you or I rape you."

Because if you don't burn the bridge, you will use it.

Another time, after God after me, a creature came out of my wall and told me, "you will end on the lap of a woman."


See, purity is warfare. You may not see it but this is what is happening around you. That's why Paul said, "sin shall no longer have dominion", he declared war. If you don't declare that war, you will fall.

Sometimes I pray to God, "break this thing, if it will not, break it. If I am going close, break it."

Benny Hinn told us, he said, "don't trust yourself. Trust only Jesus." Because in this battle, we fight until we leave this body. So we keep fighting, sometimes 4 months, you are battling and then you shut down preaching, you are trying to save your own soul (Song of Solomon  1:6). You fight to preserve your soul.

At another time, I was interceding for the land and a creature came out of the wall: naked, a female creature in the body and head was a man. A prince of perversion and he sat on my chest. I tried to move, I couldn't, he sat on my chest. I now tried in my carnal thinking to bite the being. When I saw I was paraplegic, "Lord, help me. Save me!"; light struck and the being dematerialised. Even though the being dematerialised, for 2 weeks, every lady I saw, I wanted to hug her. It looked as if I should start hugging and molesting every lady.

"What is this? Lord, help me!!" (Prayed in tongues).

When it didn't work, I went to Apostle Arome, I said, "I am dying." When you say that, they know there is something, because the path you travel, many others have travelled before. He (Apostle Arome Osayi) now carried me outside; we went and sat on a well in front of his house.

Apostle Arome: 'Wetin happen?' (What happened?)

I said: See what I am going through. I want to cleave to every lady I see.

He laughed. What did you see?

I told him what happened. He held my hand and he was quiet for a while. Then he spoke in tongues, very loud, violently and he turned, "Be Free!"

You know you have to subscribe to higher mantles and that was how I was delivered. I now discovered that the battle of purity is warfare. Discipline can handle it at a level but there is a level where you fight because princes will come. 

You know in this world there are realms you don't cross because every threshold in the spirit is a gate and there is a prince that watches over that gate.

"Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me." - John 14:30




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