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Topic : What do you see?✍️

For Reading And Meditation: Zechariah 5:1-11

Thought: Our imagination can also be a gateway to Spiritual realm. Once we feed our spirit with tight words we begin to see beyond imagination.

Memorise: Zechariah 5:2a”And the angel said to me, What do you see? And I answered .....”

All prophets in the Old Testament in turn saw different things but all was a means of communication and also to raise their hope, faith and also accessed their level of believe that there is a God.

This people were put forth to enter into the Holy of holies. They were the right people to fellowship as at that time and they could see beyond human level of sight. Also, they prayed to reality.

How much more we who have access to enter into the Holy of holies because the curtains have been turned open for us through Jesus Christ. Therefore, we have great a privilege than the prophets of the Old Testament.

How much more we that tend to have more of spiritual realities every second of our lives.

If I ask now WHAT DO YOU SEE? The main answer gotten would be I see myself having material things, having godly marriages but have you ever seen yourself before the old rugged cross and before the throne of grace? Have you ever seen yourself carrying out the purposes God has brought you to the earth for?

What you imagine can be orated to reality once it has a will of the father. Let us think on these questions; Have angels ever administered to you? Have you ever being passionate about being administered to? If you close your eyes now I would love to ask WHAT DO YOU SEE?

I urge us all not only to feed our imagination with certain things that do not birth God's will for our lives but let us feed it with our reason for living. 

Let us feed it with pictures of Christ and heaven. Meditate on God's word and see yourself having a conversation with Him. Then you are growing to see more realities by his grace. Amen!

Assignment: Ask the lord to purge you off the mindset/imagination that does not glorify his name.

Prayer point: Father help me see things beyond the physical open my eyes Lord to see Amen 

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