Many would not cease to experience torment from the world today not because the turbulent path is avoidable but because they choose to have the wrong perception when passing through the turbulent lane.
They have chosen the broad way which afterwards turned out to be the way of troubles and disasters. 
However, the good news is that there is a kind of peace that surpasses all kinds of troubles, war, disaster, pain and unrest. 
This peace is no other person than Jesus Christ. He left the World leaving behind a kind of peace that will help believers Overcome all diverse Chaotic situations and Problems. 

Peace! Peace! Peace! It does not only mean stillness within. It also means to be able to control the members of the body from warring against one another or from warring against fellow men.
Let us take for example. No matter the level of critics in the life of a man, what portrays him as a man of peace is his ability to tame his tongue from talking back at those that criticised him. That is a man of peace. 
It delivers such a man from a whole lot of troubles.

Also, we should know and understand that there are times when a man shouldn't hold his peace.
Do not hold your peace!
When things are not in good shape and need to be set right, a man shouldn't hold his peace.
Blind Bartimeaus wouldn't have received his sight if he had allowed himself to be shut up by men of Jericho.

When things need to be set right, don't be silent. The Problem with this generation is that many men that ought to be silent were the ones speaking while the ones that are meant to speak are the ones keeping mute and sleeping in a zone of comfort. Why not speak, Speak out!
It demands that the man war in place of Prayer, Fasting and Fellowship with the Father.

In Acts 18:9 "Then spake the Lord to Paul in the night by a vision, Be not afraid, but speak, and hold not thy peace:"
Don't follow peace with men who are ready to set your life into pieces. 
When there is a need to speak up, speak up. When there is a need to flee from them, flee.

Jesus Christ is the prince of peace. The peace himself.
When he comes into the life of a man, such a man leave with fresh power of peace.
When we read the account of many healings performed by Jesus, the most common of words that end the encounters is "Go in peace" or "Peace is unto you" because something that was raising its voice earlier has been silence.
I decree and declare that anything which has been raising its voice over your life, be it Sickness, Disease, Infirmities, Addiction, Fear, Depression or anything at all that does not look like Jesus Christ become silent now in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Your life becomes peaceful. I said it become peace! 
He said to the sea of Galilee "Peace be still". Every turbulent in your life or around you become still right away in the name of Jesus.
That family challenge is settled now.
That home on the verge of falling apart is set in place right away.
Every turbulent relationship becomes still and as calm as the sea of Galilee right away.
Every uneven lifestyle is set in place now!
Thank you, Jesus Christ. Amen!
Trust you have been blessed. Why don't you kindly share to bless someone too?
©️ Faith Agi.

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