The woman found favour in the sight of the Lord, her barrenness turned fruitfulness and her state of discomfort turned into comfort.

She conceived and gave birth to a baby boy as said by the man of God.

The Child keeps growing and was lively. He even accompanied his father to the farm.

One day, as they were doing the business of the day, disaster set on the boy and he cried aloud "My head! My head!".

What could a Father who doesn't even know how and from whom that precious gift of child came from do?

Of Course he asked his servant to take the Child to his mother.

When the boy was taken to his mother, it wasn't long before he gave up the ghost.

The mother who on a normal ground Should be found wailing did something else instead. What did she do? She took her child to the same room which she had earlier prepared for the man of God and laid him on the bed of the servant of God.

As if that wasn't surprising enough she called her husband who wasn't making any move and said to him "Please send me one of your servant and donkey so I can go to the man of God".

The husband who couldn't decipher what his wife was on the verge of doing asked confused "Why go to him today?. It is not the new moon or Sabbath"

The reply of this great woman was "It is alright". 

When she approaches mount Carmel where the man of God was, the man of God said to his servant "Look that is the Shunammite woman. Meet her and asked her if all is alright"

The servant of the man of God as instructed got to her and asked "Is everything alright? Is your husband alright? Is your child alright?"

Calmly she replied "Everything is alright"

But when she got to where the man of God was, she took hold of his feet. The servant of the man of God seeing this try to restrict her from doing that but the man of God said "She is in Bitterness, but the Lord has hidden it from me and haven't told me why".

On hearing this, she asked "Did I asked you for a Son?, didn't I tell you not to raise my hopes?".

When the man of God heard this, he said to his servant "Tuck your cloak into the belt, take my staff. Do not reply to greetings and do not greet either. When you get there, lay the staff of the boy's face".

Did the mother accept this?

Did the servant of the man of God get this right?  If no, what must be wrong?

We shall look into this in the next stage.



Before we fully take some things from the story I want you to understand that the Shunammite woman possess the quality of a virtuous woman. 

It is such a great thing to be a giver, God searcher, Home builder, Selfless wife, Challenges and Problems manager and also possess many other Inestimable qualities. She possessed them all.

Can you please applaud this great woman? Good!

Beyond applauding her, there is more to learn most especially as a lady from this woman. This is not to say men are excluded. Of course men can also learn a great deal from the Shunammite woman.

1. THE QUALITY OF SELFLESSNESS: It can only take a Selfless being to make sacrifice just for the sake of the well-being of others.

From the questions "Is your husband alright?", it means the services of the Shunammite woman even got her husband Covered.

She was so Selfless to the point that she was yet obedient to her husband even in the midst of odds.

It can only take a Selfless being to request politely from someone in the midst of Challenges. The Shunammite woman did this.

If it were to be another person, when the husband asked "Why go to the servant of God?" she could have replied with "Didn't you care that our child is sick? Before we got this child, I was the one who did everything to ensure that we got one. After we got this child, I was still the one seeing to the welfare of the Child." and this may back it up "Do you care for me and this child at all?. You must be very wicked"

Yet the Shunammite woman wasn't found with such, she was just as Selfless as she was.

We must be in pursuit of this quality. We must!

It is this quality that can make us do things that others will be benefitting from without complaining. 

It is this quality that keeps the home of this woman. 

She wasn't bothered if her husband isn't contributing or not. I believe there are areas where he was also relevant so she wasn't going to bombard him with complaints of him being reluctant about the welfare of the family.

Selfless service.

2. CALMNESS IN THE MIDST OF STORMS: If there is someone who possess this quality in a great measure, it is definitely this woman.

She was so much calm that she could still take her child up into the room of the servant of God.

She was so much calm that she didn't even bothered telling her husband about the state of their child.

She was so calm that all she could have ever said was "It is alright".

No wailing, No weeping, No shouting whatsoever.

This quality is very much appreciated to be allowed to follow us.

I imagined the Shunammite woman being on the boat with Jesus Christ that day when the storms arose, tormenting the disciples. The probability of her remaining calm must have been so high.

What is that which you are facing?

What is that which the Lord has given to you even though you didn't request for it and now it seems to be raising storms?

What is that problem that has been as though it has come to choke you?

Remain calm! 

The Shunammite woman was calm not because what happened was good but because she knew that there is solution in calmness. 

She knew that the boat will Only capside if she didn't remain calm.

Be calm.

May the Lord comfort you from every challenges. Amen!

3. LINKING BACK TO THE SOURCE: The Shunammite woman didn't remain calm just for calming sake. She understands the Fortitude of the source of the Child. Since it is God who gave the child, she believes the power to raise him still lies with God.

What is that which has been giving you troubles?

What is that which is trying to sap Joy out of you?

Have you taken it back to the source? The source who all Keys belong to.

The Shunammite woman Understands this and she definitely get want she understands.

We are only limited to what we believe and Understand.

Do you believe in the supremacy of this God you are serving?

Until a man stop limiting God, the limitless possibilities of God is kept far away from him.

Thanks for engaging.

I believe you were blessed.

Share to bless another.


#Mati (Virtues Radiant)

©️ Faith Agi

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