The Goal is to Impact People!

-Apostle Joshua Selman at the Transforming Church 'ADVANCE 2021'

John 15:16

It is not enough to have results and be successful, there are Spiritual principles that help people last. It is painful to enjoy success for a short time and lose relevance. 

God desires that we be successful. Matthew 28:18-20
God is with you all the way. We are mandated to mentor nations. The Gospel is 2 fold, message that saves and ideology that transforms. 
- The message that saves deals with individual
- The ideology institutionalised God and His territory. 
You can be saved and your territory is still under the siege of darkness. 

There are 3 levels of administering the Gospel in a way that transforms the society. 

1. The clarity and the power that comes through 'the Message'. Every dimension of power comes with the Message. A theme of what you represent, a capture of your value. Clarity is very important.
Jesus gave a very clear message in Matthew 10:7
Miracles are like a train.
1John 1:5
Satan is not interested in everything, he seeks to attack the message by making you a victim of your message or reducing your voice.  Satan's strategies are very predictable.

2. The message is powerful but not enough to bring transformation, but the ideology of that message. Every message was not supposed to stop as an information. The moment a mindset is fortified by the presence of a spirit it becomes a stronghold. A message is never intended to stop just as a message. Just because people are saying preach preacher does not mean they have received it. 
It is not truth that convinces but repetition. Do not be afraid to repeat teachings, the goal is  to impact the people.

3. Models must be created out of that ideology. Personalities must come out of that ideology. When God intended for saints to be restored, he sent a representative in the flesh, JESUS. Jesus came as a reference, you cannot change a territory until there are models who are used as references.

Acts 11:26
As leaders, seek not only to communicate the message but seek to trust God through emphasis. We must return to doctrines, the foundational truths that help believers to mature. 

Transformation is impossible until there are models. If Jesus didn't walk on earth, men will not believe the Gospel.

Prayer Points
- Ask the Lord for grace to communicate the Gospel. 

- Pray that in every territory, God will raise models who will represent the faith life and sustainable ministries. 

- Pray that God will make you a model.


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