Psalms 110:1

Please I want you to be very attentive. I'm going to be as sharp as I can. There are times when the signs and the wonders come before the teaching. 

Someone believing that his enemies will be his footstool, your amen will be loudest. The Lord bless His word in Jesus name. The subject is:


Our objective tonight is to understand first the features of the day of God's power. What are the things that happen in the day of His power? 

Second is to understand how to walk in the day of His power. What to do to be a participant of His power in the day of His power. 

Beloved you know that we are in the end time and this is the time of the most drastic manifestation of God's power since the creation of the world. What we have never seen before.

1st Corinthians 2:9

There are people seated here tonight and people listening to the sound of my voice, that shall be hearing and seeing in this season things that eyes have not seen, that ears have not heard, you are going to see them as testimonies, as manifestations in your life, as manifestations in your family, if you are a believer you will shout the loudest amen.

Before I go on, what is the day of God's power all about? What is the end time all about? Or rather why is the end time ushering us into the most drastic manifestations of God's power? 

1- God is introducing Himself to the world in a way that will cause the earth to be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord like the waters cover the seas.

Habakkuk 2:14

Numbers 15:21

God is introducing Himself to the earth in a way that will cause the earth to be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord. ChurchGist.He is introducing Himself in such a way that anybody who goes to hell will not claim that he didn't know God. 

From the days of Smith Wigglesworth he said that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of God. We are already seeing things that will force the earth to know that there is a God in Heaven. If God is speaking to you, you will say a louder amen. 

What is the end time and the power of God all about?

2 - God is dismantling the grip of the enemy on the lost in a most drastic way so He can set men free and ready for Heaven. 

2nd Corinthians 4:3-4

He is dismantling the hold of the enemy so that people are turned lose and made ready for Heaven. 

I prophesy and announce tonight in the name that is above every name, any man and any woman under the sound of my voice that is under any form of satanic grip tonight I prophesy that grip is broken.

Can your amen roar like thunder. Can that amen be awake than what it is right now. 

3 - God is causing the restoration and fulfilment of all that is written in Scripture for this time. We are in a season where Scripture must be fulfilled. Church Gist. We are in a season where we must see the apostolic and prophetic mantles move and function like we have never seen before. 

Acts 3:19-20

Just before Jesus comes we will experience the manifestation of the true prophetic, of everything promised in Scripture. everything that God said we will see before the end, we will see them. 

I'm here to announce to somebody, that prophecy in your life that has not yet been fulfilled is about to come to pass.

Let me look for somebody who is really awake. If you want your miracle to slip past your hand because of sleep you can go ahead. I mean to say that there is a prophecy hanging on your head that is yet to be fulfilled, there is a promise of God in Scripture that you have been expecting to manifest, I'm anointed to announce to you tonight in the name of Jesus it shall come to pass.

Say after me, say in the name of Jesus my prophecy must come to pass. What God said about me must come to pass. It must come to pass.

You know God can make anything to happen for prophecy to come to pass. You know when Hezekiah was sick God sent Isaiah to go and prophesy to him and said set your house in order because the house was not in order. Set your house in order for you shall die and not live. Church Gist.The man turned his face to the wall and he said to God the dead cannot praise You, only the living can praise You. The grave cannot celebrate You. So God said to Isaiah go back. I have heard some praise from Him. I have received some praise from Him. Tell him he shall live. 

Do you know the meaning of that at all? There's a big meaning there. There may be a  prophecy that can say you are going to die but praise can cancel it.

I wish somebody can give God a 60 seconds praise and cancel some negative predictions, cancel some negative predictions. 

Wait, it doesn't matter how strong the prophecy is and the prophet who prophesied it, if he prophesied negative you can praise it into cancellation. Cancel it with praise. It is possible that there is something negative that the devil has said concerning your life or concerning your family or concerning your children, or some people have seen some bad visions about you, If you are going to celebrate Him and shout and scream in the next sixty seconds then something is about to be cancelled. It's up you. Give Him the shout of victory and cancel some prophecies, cancel some negative predictions, cancel some negative dreams, some negative visions. Church Gist. Go ahead and celebrate the King of kings and the Lord of Lords, the I Am that I Am.

If the praise can cancel what was wrong, that has been said,it can cancel what is wrong that is yet to be said.

Give the Lord a shout of victory.

He said go and tell him that I'll add 15 more years to his life and the man said how do I know that God will do what He said? Isaiah said what do you want? I can give you a sign. Should the shadow of the Sun go forward or backward or the sun down. Hezekiah said the normal duration of the sun is forward so I want it to reverse. He said okay it is done. So the sun returned 10 degrees backwards, that is it was 12 o'clock before, it became 11:50. That is time went back to fulfill prophecy. Do you know the meaning of time going back? If they say you are menopause and you are 45 years God can reverse your system to become age 25. There is nothing God cannot do to make His Word come to pass and that is if it includes a person dying. 

In order to take Israel out of Egypt people died. To fulfill His Word. I prophesy and announce to somebody whatever it would take to cause what is in Scriptures to be realized I declare it is fulfilled in your life. 

Somebody shout the loudest amen.

Lift your right hand say in the name of Jesus, in my lifetime, what God said shall come to pass. Give the Lord a praise.

What is this end time power all about?

Finally God is releasing the reserves of His resources. This one is exciting. The Bible makes it clear that God always reserves the best for the last. In every relay, the fastest runners are kept at the end. If the first runner didn't occupy the kind of speed, the last runner will clean up what they could not handle.

Job 8:7

Ecclesiastes 7:8

God reserves the best for the last. That was why the first Adam came, he fell. The last Adam, the quickening Spirit, Jesus Christ. That was why Samson killed more people in his death than when he was alive. The best always for the last. That was why at the wedding in Cana of Galilee there was a wine that could finish. The other wine that came was a finishless wine. The best for last.

Jesus produced the miracle of the fishes twice with the same person Peter. In the first miracle in

Luke 5 when Peter toiled all night and caught nothing he said plunge your net to the deep, Peter plunged the net, he caught fishes that broke the net. Which means some fishes escaped. 

The second miracle of the catch of fishes happened in

John 22 where they toiled all night. He said children children have you any meat? They said no. He said cast your net to the right side. Peter cast the net to the right side, the Bible said he caught so many fishes yet the net did not break.

The first dimension could break the net, there was a dimension that couldn't break the net. 

We are in a dimension of the manifestation of God in this end time that is going to surpass dimensions of before.

I speak by prophecy to somebody here get ready because you are about to step into some manifestations that will amaze you. If you believe that shout the loudest amen.

What is in the day of His power? 

1 - The day of His power is the day of the strange acts of God. The day when the rod of God shall be very active like it was in the hands of Moses. Strange acts. 

Exodus 4:17

In the crusades we've been having, all manner of strange things. In Akure the girl was there in the crusade ground, while we were praying , five years before somebody said something to the mother, the mother became blind, while we were praying on the crusade ground and cursing demons of blindness she stood in for the mother. Church Gist. Before she could call me the mother the mother called her, I don't know what just happened something left my eyes and I can see now. Witchcraft blindness. 

A young lady was at the Federal Medical Center Owo, doctor said carry the baby and go, she won't live, she is dead. Her mother ran to the crusade ground, while the prayer was on they called her from the hospital, the baby has jerked back to life right there, out coma. The woman said I am a sinner, I am committing adultery, my husband is committing his own adultery, Publicly. Very strange. All manner.

A woman said every single night, insects enter her hair, bees, in the course of the ministration the bees flew out and her twisted leg untwisted. 

11 years a woman mad on the streets until she's naked in Benue State. We saw that woman healed on the crusade ground. Strange acts and these things are not going to be limited to bodily healings, they are going to be limited to career miracles, financial miracles, marital miracles. If you are among those that will experience such shout the loudest amen. 

2 - The day of God's power is the day of unbeatable strength. It's the day of display of unbeatable strength by the Church. The day when the enemies of the Church will never be able to withstand the Church. They come against us only to perish. 

I don't know who I'm speaking to here now but the last time any battle defeated you shall be the last time forever. 

The next confrontation of your life you will bury the battle forever. Shout the loudest amen. 

3 - The day of God's power is the ruling and the reigning Church where the Church and the members of the Church shall practically rule and reign. We shall take charge of various domains, enthroned in royalty and dignity. A glorious Church, not a pitiable Church.

In your career, in your trade, in your business, in your profession, wherever we find ourselves we are practically in charge.

Let me announce to somebody here between now and the next night of miracles, healings and deliverance, you would have taken your position and taken charge. Church Gist. If you are a believer you will shout the loudest amen.

Somebody lift up your right hand and say I am taking charge in my realm, in my domain I am taking charge.

An Israeli man came here, tall man. After he looked around, he said I have traveled around the world, I have not seen a thing like this anywhere. Another one is coming up in Lagos now. That one is a stadium setting. That is a Church. The 50,000 Faith Tabenacle will be the overflow of that one. Nothing like that globally. Not even government can dare it. They will eat all the money before it is finished. The town where we lived, I don't want to mention the name of the town to embarrass anybody, there is a stadium there that is almost 30 years, still in construction. I went there the last time and we still saw the stadium still under construction. About 30 years. So it's only the Church that can produce such things. God is enthroning the Church in a way that will make the devil to shed tears of blood if he has blood. All those who have the capacity to hate Church and Church people, they have seen nothing yet. 

When we came from Port Harcourt crusade they brought two aircrafts to wait for us. We will persecute the devil very well before Jesus comes and all those who follow him. Somebody shout the loudest amen. 

Somebody shout I shall take my position. I shall take charge. I shall not be left behind in the name of Jesus. 

You will be excited with this. What is the day of power all about? 

4 - It is the day of speedy action. It's a time of great acceleration. Elementary physics told us that power is the ability to do work and work is done when an object is moved through a distance in the direction of the force. So where there is power things move. The day of God's power is the day of great acceleration, a time of great speed. Things that are happening at the frequency of God and not at the energy of man. Church Gist. What Israel could not achieve for 400 years, overnight it was achieved. They were in captivity for 430 years. One night a man showed up with a rod and the delay of 400 years ended, about how many generations. It doesn't take time. It takes God.

I'd like you to get ready because whatever has been moving sluggishly in your life in this day by God's power I prophesy, I announce, I decree it is now going to move by speed. 

Say Father I receive speed and I receive it now. 

Finally the day of God's power is the day of the judgement of God's enemies and the enemies of the Church where there will be no escape. Pharaoh's household did not escape. Egypt could not escape. It's a season of drastic judgement. 

One young lady testified on Wednesday, when she gave her life to Christ her father vowed that it will be hell. And she passed through hell until one day the father came in the dream and said I am sorry, forgive me. I release you. The next thing she heard was that her father had been laid to rest.

If they won't let us rest, they will be laid to rest. If they won't let us go they will go for us. I am telling you by the authority of Jesus in this season, every Pharaoh, every Herod and every one that will not let you rest, let this Church and the body of Christ rest, that will not let Nigeria rest in the name of Jesus they shall be laid to rest. 

This vigil shall have a follow-up vigil, the last Friday of April which is the 30th of April, it's long, it's five weeks away from now. The theme of that vigil is "THE BATTLE IS THE LORD'S". Anything that escapes tonight will be laid to rest that night. I am announcing it to you ahead of time so you can plan and prepare. Church Gist. We're going to get expectation forms ready for it. Every area of battle in your life must be buried. God does not care if it's your mother that wants you to die before your time, if death is good, they will go. 

When Miriam the elder sister of Moses messed up God slapped her. Infact God spat on her face because that was what God said. 

I deploy judgemental mantle for the devil and his agents and against the agents of wickedness, against the agents of darkness that will not let the Church rest, they shall be laid to rest in this season. 

Lift up your hands and say Father in this day of power I shall see strange things, unusual acts, in this day of power I shall manifest unbeatable strength, in this day of power I shall take my place, I shall rule and reign in the midst of my enemies. In this day of power I shall see speed. I reject delay. 

In this day of power I decree judgement upon every adversary, every devil and their agents that will not let me rest,  in this day of power they shall be laid to rest. Pray in the Spirit.

What is the key of walking in that power?

1- Willingness, obedience, submission to divine instruction. 

🎶Your way Your way

All that I want is to live Your way 🎶

Holiness, everything that tempers with the conscience, everything that is contrary to the fear of God will disconnect from power. 

Help to live like Him. 

Lift up your two hands. There's going to be an impartation of power. Church Gist. God is going to drop some power, there are people who need power to tackle some forces, you need to handle some stagnation. You need power to move. 

I declare the release of power like never before in Jesus name.

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