Pastor Sam Adeyemi on "The Word works wonders 3" at Daystar Christian Centre. Isaiah 55:10-11.

The greatest thing Jesus wants to do is transform our life. The creative power of God is in his Word. The greatest wonder that the Word of God will produce is you. II Corinthians 3:18, Matthew 4:4. The Word of God changes your thoughts, belief system and values. The Word of God will shift the principle and standards that seems most important to you. You cannot change your behaviour on a sustainable basis without changing your values. The reason why we have many people that claim to be religious but then their lives are not changing, it is simply because the Word has not changed their values. 

God's Word can shift our values. Moses told the Israelites that if they build their life on God's Word, they will have a reputation of becoming the wisest and most intelligent people around. You cannot do the Word of God and fail. Deuteronomy 4:5-8.

To what extent have you been applying the Word of God to your lives? Where do you get your beliefs about money and  marriage? Where do you get your beliefs about leadership? Jesus' approach to leadership is counter-cultural. It is different from what operates in most part of  the world. In the traditional monarchical structure of leadership, the leader is served but when I saw Jesus' pattern of leadership, I made adjustments to my pattern because I must align with the Word but many of us come from cultures that make the leader superior to the person being led. Jesus' pattern was the complete opposite. Mark 10:42-45. I also dug further into the leadership of Moses, a leader leading a group of slaves who God had to take to a developed country. Something had to shift in their thinking, mindset and values and when it did not, they described themselves as grasshoppers. God had to wait 40 years for a whole generation to die. I looked at Moses, I looked at those people, then I realized they had another set of leaders who went to spy the land. Some came back with a negative report while some did with a positive report. Numbers 13... The leaders were grouped into two and most of the Israelites went with the group that came back with the negative report. It was then I realized that there must be alignment between leaders and followers for development to happen. If any country is not working well, if leaders are messing up and things are not going well, it is because the citizens are like that.

Leadership is powerful. Galatians 3:1-2. It is so powerful that it can get you hypnotized. Some people are under spells now but they don't know simply because they don't read their Bibles.. Anybody that comes in the name of God, anything they say, we swallow. Leaders can bewitch people. Read the Bible yourself. Matthew 15:14. When you read the Bible, your eyes are open. Acts 17:11. Were it not for hypnosis, why will some people listen to a Pastor that asks them to eat grass? It is time for Africans to be free. Where do you get your beliefs from? It doesn't matter that it was in the Church that it was preached. It is only the truth that sets you free. Lie and hypocrisy cannot. You cannot believe in the God of the Bible and not value information.Hosea 4:6. You can't know God and not value principles because the Bible is the book of laws and laws and principles have no respect for persons. Read, meditate and understand the Word with the help of the Holy Spirit. II Timothy 3:16. Whatever God has told you is what you should say. God's Word in your mouth is as powerful as God's Word in God's mouth. To think, say and do the Word of God requires courage. Joshua 1:9. Line up your thoughts, words and actions with the Word of God.






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