I was praying in tongues in our ministry hall, I heard that there were bandits and cultists that were moving around, I used to hear those stories, but I never met them before.

I was speaking in tongues enjoying myself in the Spirit then I saw some people going round the building, they were like six of them, I was still speaking in tongues, because my contract with God is superior. I was  just flowing in the Spirit, they were now waiting just at the door, their concerns is not as superior as my engagement anything can wait, and when I finished, I came out, I said are you aware that you're trespassing? And one of them now said what kind of prayer are you praying with your eyes open? I said you have committed another trespass you were trespassing the property, now you have trespassed against my faith and I spoke one or two judgments there, and all the hoodlums with their weapons began to beg me.

They came to look for pastor, I didn't have a weapon, but I spoke out of what I generated for two hours, they came down, even though they begged, what I declared, it happened, because I told him you have six months to live, put your house in order. You can't come and say you have a gun, because of that you threaten me, you're not aware of what is happening. Oh I've gone too high for you.

Eh, you will be afraid of me with that your weapon. I had generated something for two hours and I know what I generated so when I came, I spoke from it and even though they pleaded, it came to pass, are you with me, that's the spirit of judgment, I didn't come there to judge, because he trespassed that's why I judged, I'm not like that every day, I'm just telling you, (everybody in congregation laughs).

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