If there is a word that has become a driving passion for this generation, it is the word "LOVE". It has been misused today. It has the most powerful word in heaven and on earth because it is beyond an act. It is a person. God is love. If your definition of love is correct, you would have saved yourself from 75% of calamities, errors and misfortunes that others face. A lot of people are divorced or separated because of their definition of love. 

From your definition, your destination can be determined. This generation now link sex to love. The lives of many have been shattered and ruined. If you can get the definition of love right, your life will go right. Your decision of who to marry is determined by your definition of love. Marriage is challenging for two correct people, how much more for people who are not correct. I saw it yesterday that between now and December, Nigerians will need 600,000,000 condoms. A lot of social organizations are campaigning that it should be distributed for free in schools and workplaces. 

Growing up, I was as DJ at Segis Club in Ibadan. I play on Friday night till Sunday morning. There were schools around the club in Ibadan where buses come out from in the night. Ladies between age 18-22 are packed in the bus, coming to the club. These ladies are being passed around by the guys. After about six months playing at the club, I made up my mind not to have a female child because of the circumstances. Please parents, pay attention to your children. 

Nothing is as important as teaching your children self love and true love and build esteem in them so that when they go out, they are not deceived by another kind of love. They need to know the difference between fake love and true love. As a lady, keep your dignity and let a guy prove his love. Now, ladies are the ones desperate and showing signals. 

Fake love is attractive because it is fake. it has no substance and it is not durable. The packaging is golden because the inside is empty. You will always need externalities to be convinced because it is not rooted in the heart. Our world is getting more dangerous because of the gross abuse of love. True love is hard work and responsibility. It has emotions but it is not emotion. It is living sacrificially for somebody in spite of the weakness and imperfections of the person. Homes and marriages keep breaking because of fake love. 

Characteristics of true love

True love is patient, fake love is impatient. Genuine love waits. The moment it is not patient, other virtues are lacking. Subject true love to the test of patience. If it fails, it withdraws. 

True love is kind. Kindness involves withholding negativity and looking out for the welfare of others. If it is kind, it is true but don't be deceived by externalities. 1 Corinthians 13:4-13 states the anatomy of God's kind of love. You won't get a perfect person but once genuine love is there, you are secured. 

Genuine love doesn't quit. It endures anything.  Untested love is not love. Love will be tested by situations. If it is genuine, it won't fail. Love is stronger than death. Death cannot quench love. True love will overcome. If you claim you love someone and you withdraw as a result of the person's weaknesses, you never truly loved. 

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