HUSBAND: Yea honey, good morning. Could you please read page 3 of  the morning devotional manual then I'll explain it before we pray?

WIFE: l am weak, I don't have strength, read it and explain, I'll be listening. 

HUSBAND: Come on! this is no difficult thing and has nothing to do with having strength or not.

WIFE: I said I don't have strength and can't read, is that so difficult to understand......

HUSBAND: Hmmmm it's like you're ready for this. See,  you're going to read it or no one is going out of this house today.

WFE: Oh really! So I should be here all day because you couldn't read and explain a page or a manual huh!. She sighs, stood up and heads straight to the parlour.

Minutes later. Husband inside the room singing "In the morning, early in the morning....."

Wife at the parlour, singing "Good morning Jesus, good morning Lord....".

Each sang and prayed in their different places. Before wife could finish preparing breakfast, husband had already left for work without each saying a word to another after the incident. Just like a joke problem started. The once beautiful couple, very lively and always interactive started keeping space. The husband started coming home late, not eating in the house and the wife never cared to ask him to, even though she makes the meal and serves at the dining at the end of the day. 

A week later,  they stopped sleeping in the same bed. The husband in the parlour, while the wife will be in the bedroom. Greetings became something so difficult to do.

Husband to himself "This woman must ask for forgiveness for what she did or we are going to continue like this, I'm not going to take this shit from her; never. Upon her refusal to read the manual she walked out on me for no reason, and that's after sounding like we've been having issues. If this will lead to divorce then am ready for her and for it".

WIFE to herself "I don't even know what's going on, is this truly happening? But I think I caused it huh! I did but....wait! why couldn't he read and explain even when I told him I was tired why? But this is really painful, now he no longer eats my food nor asks what I go through on daily basis. I'm not going to say sorry, after all I did nothing so wrong to warrant all this attitudes, I mustn't be saying sorry. But wait, I don't even know how to face him again. This is shameful. I can't even stand him after being so rude. What have I done to myself, God! I pray he'll just change his mind and come to me" sobs.

She was saying those words with tears gushing down from her eyes. Why her heart became so hard all of a sudden she couldn't tell. Even when she knows she was wrong she couldn't still help herself out. She was hurting, deep down she needs her husband close but couldn't just help herself out. She couldn't just bring herself to face the husband but prayed he  realises her weakness and come to her rescue.

Satan ceased the opportunity created that morning to attack the family, and he was attacking via the woman's weakness. She knew she was wrong but then the whole  has lingered so much that she couldn't help herself out of it. She sees the husband and desires to end everything but still couldn't. 

The whole thing continued for weeks. It started showing on the wife's physical look. The husband was able to handle his manly, so it's difficult to tell that he's hurting as well.

One evening while the man was in the parlor "No this has to stop, I have to get my wife back, she's now the shadow of herself. But I still don't understand how she can't open her mouth and say I'm Sorry then I'll forgive, I've already forgiven, it's just to hear her say it. So why can't she say it huh! oh okay...okay I'm ending this tonight, it has to stop, it must" he said to himself.

Later after the wife had eaten and walked into the room. He slowly moved, and calmly held the wife who stood gazing through the window by the waist. Slowly she turns with oceans of tears pouring down from her eyes. 

"I am sorry sweetheart, I think I caused all of this, I should have read the manual when you told me you were weak. It was all my fault, please forgive me. Let's stop this madness, it's not helping us" he said as he wiped the wife's tears.

She slowly lowered herself holding his trousers while her knees are on the ground as she weeps. "Pl plee please ho ho..honey for...forgive me" her voice was cracking as she wept. 

Her husband already got the message as he held and pulled her back to himself in embrace. They were shedding tears over each other's shoulder as they came back to who they once were.  


Dear couples, do you know that it doesn't really matter who said l AM SORRY so long as it's for the sake of peace? 

Sometimes the devil crawls into a marriage using a small thing and if the couples aren't strong enough it tears the home apart and none will be able to say what and how it  happened. Don't give the devil a single chance, when an issue rises in your family make sure you solve whatever it is that same day and let things return to normal. Never allow it to linger because it might escalate beyond control and damage things beyond repair. The woman knew she was wrong but the devil overpowered, almost ruined her once beautiful home through her weakness. Had God not intervened, that would have been the end of the union. 

Such could happen to a man and you being his woman would think it's ego without knowing he can't help himself anymore. 

I AM SORRY should never be lacking in your lips if you want to have a beautiful home. Don't keep considering that you're the one who was hurt.  So long as you're doing it for a purpose; saving your self and home from disgrace and regrets of divorce and broken home.

When your partner wrongs you,  tell him/her and ask for apology and when he/ she offer one accept it and continue to live together in love and happiness. 

Always remember; no one is perfect, we all have our imperfections, our flaws which sometimes takes very long to be conquered. For this to happen was the reason God made it a man and a woman so one can complete the other.

Don't let it linger. I AM SORRY is not sold in the market, say it often and live happily forever

©️ Adams Abiodun.

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