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Abiding in the shadow of the Almighty, I made a promise to my wife that there are battles she will never have to fight in our marriage, so she should just rest and be taken care of.

I have taken away all that stress of having to deal with a cheating husband. She will never have the experience of a wife snooping through her husband's phone to try and catch him cheating, or the headache of eavesdropping on my conversations in the bathroom because she suspects I'm having an affair with someone else. REST!

Testimonies of husbands beating and abusing their wives will forever be strange to her. REST!

When other women are talking about their husbands spending their life at the bar and coming home late all drunk to misbehave, she'll have no experience to contribute to the conversation because these things will remain foreign to her. REST!

Even if I have a voice to raise in an argument, or a temper to boil in a fight, the Holy Spirit forbids me from exercising those natural gifts, in fact, God has taken away my right to prove that I'm always right by all means. So, REST!

So many burdens she'll never have to carry in our marriage, because I'll be paying the price of sacrifice to keep us aligned to the will and purpose of God.

But, in the same might, there are other burdens she also needs to rest from.

I need you to understand this guys, this is where the real lesson is. 

There are other burdens that she wants me to drop but I may not be able to do so completely. 

Burdens like biting my nails, as long as these habits are not corruptible to the spirit, she also needs to REST from them.

As I am paying the price of sacrifice for her to rest from corruptible burdens, she also needs to pay the price of understanding to rest from other situations that she cannot control.

She cannot stop me from loving my Arsenal, even with all their heartbreaks, or twist my love for watching football, so she needs to REST from trying, and just enjoy the game with me!

I am a big spender when the money comes in, REST!

I love to leave my beards unshaven sometimes, I like it looking unkept for a few days, REST!

Some nights I love to sleep facing the wall and just be free without wrapping my arms around you, I know that spooning is a cardinal commitment in marriage, but babe on days I cannot wrap my arms around you, REST!

I'm trying to teach you something here guys, there will always be that little gap between sacrifice and understanding, the happiest couples find peace in that gap. 

Don't drag your spouse too much, or try so hard to make them into someone or something you want, nobody is perfect. Somethings should not be over stretched, because we are all making progress towards perfection.

As long as those habits or actions your partner is trying hard to adjust are not corrupting his spirit or yours, please Baby, REST!

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