Let it be known this day that there is a God who is in heaven, the most powerful, strong and mighty.

Let generations begin to hear and see what the Lord has wrought through the hands of his heirs.

The kingdom of God came down to the School of deaf Umuahia, deaf ears were popped and tightened tongues were loosen.

Glory to God who has handed over this into the hands of his servants and who has completed it through them.

If it were to be man, this is impossible but with God "This was made possible" that eyes may see and ears may hear the glory which the Lord has prepared for his children.

This is not a show but manifestation of the Sons of God.

Someone said "Fireclan has fired a clan of deaf children". 

The above is so true! but the question is does it just come like that?

Read this "And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye? (Acts 19:15)

May it not be heard!

That we are just an empty vessel that make meaningless noises.

May we not be disgraced in the field were we ought to be graced.


• School materials given to Students to encourage Their Education  
• 10 Deaf Students healed of deafness
• 10 Dumb tongues unstopped 
• School Principals eye defect corrected 
• Dumb students received the baptism of the holyghost as they began to chant and pray in tongues
• 18 Deaf students (8 weren't in attendance)  P.t.a Fees promised to be paid by Some of us.
• People who were deaf and dumb from birth heard the Gospel of salvation and accepted Christ .


Let it be known that the deaf and dumb weren't healed by men who haven't built capacity enough to pop up ears and loosen tongues.

May it not be heard Lord!

That God sent us and we dissapoint him

Men appointed by God can never be disappointed but if at all it happened, it is still to your glory. Moreover, your faithfulness endures forever.

It is easier to say "I want to heal the sick", "I want to raise the dead", "I want to bring hope to the hopeless"......... but the question is will the Spirit of death not question you?, Will the spirit of sickness not question you?. Will they not ask "Who are you?"

Jesus answered his disciples "This kind can't come forth except by fasting and prayer".

If Jesus Christ said that to his disciples, it absolutely means without fasting and praying nothing will happen.

The inestimable prices must be paid in the spirit realm before there can be a shift in the physical.

This 2021 is a year which everyone ought to take up his or her Cross and follow whosoever they believe.

Who do you believe?

If your answer is Jesus, then you must do as he do.

We can't be in Christ and at the same time be in infirmities and diseases. No!

We can't be in Christ and permit those things to stay within our vicinity. At all!

We have to let them know that Jesus is greater than every principality, power and rulers of darkness.

If you are ready to walk with him, you must be ready to pay the price.

You can't be appointed by God and be left in the place of disappointment but once a man begin to wander from the field of grace, the field of disgrace become his abode.

May this not be your portion. Amen!

Time to tarry more.

Fasting is not enough.

Prayer is never too much.

If you want to be like the men who wrought miracles, you must be ready to do the things which they do to usher in miracles.

The time is now!!!

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