Dr Paul Enenche Shares How He Met Bishop David Oyedepo (His Spiritual Father)

How I Met Bishop David Oyedepo

In the Bible, all great prophets were confirmed or commissioned by a father figure. The most easily referenced example being Elijah and Elisha. Or Samuel to David.

Dr. Paul Enenche of Dunamis Gospel Church in one of his sermons quoted Archbishop Benson Idahosa of the blessed memory as saying that “If an antelope have the backing of the lion it can confront an elephant.”

He said, people sometimes wonder at the audacity with which they speak. He said it is because they have the backing of a lion –Bishop Oyedepo.

At one of the Kingdom Power and Glory Conferences in Abuja, Dr. Enenche confirmed that he first heard about Bishop Oyedepo in an audiotape entitled Unleashing the Secret of the Supernatural Realms. Before he met him one-on-one, Oyedepo usually appeared to him in his nightly dreams, anointing him with oil.

“That was when I discovered that he is my father. I pursued and held tenaciously for getting close to 20 years,” asserting, “that every devil can confirm that the genetic and the chromosome of my father (Oyedepo) is in me,” Dr. Enenche once averred.

The fire-spitting apostle also revealed that before the Dunamis auditorium was erected, Bishop Oyedepo ordered him not to start the project until he brings the building plan before him. “I said yes sir. I took the plan to him, he laid hand on it. He said, knock off this wall, knock off that wall to gain more space. Go and build. He came and commanded the building to grow, and it grew in a very short time.”

“Without a father, you have no feather,” “without a father, you have no future and without a father, you have no father.”

Oyedepo during the program also acknowledged the mighty hand of God on the life of his ‘son in the Gospel,’ saying, “I am blessed to see the things I am seeing tonight.” He prophesied that the best was yet to come.

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