Pst Sola Osunmakinde; I'm not saying charging is right or wrong, but why don't you charge?

Dunsin Oyekan - "The Eagle"; Ok so I'm just going to talk about my personal experiences and dealings with God that is where we all bring out principles that we live by. Ok so for me, the tokens of my calling does not allow that I charge. I remember God telling me the day you start charging, the well will dry up, clearly. 

So in as much as I don't go into why are you charging, everybody with his own dealing with God, but my dealing with God, does not allow me because the dimension of what He releases to me and the experiences I have with him, I'm too grateful and that keeps me very humble. And then my father, from the time I started playing the bass, he will school me with scriptures, talk to me about charging. He was a major cause, nobody passed through my church, and funny enough, we had the best musicians in town at a particular point, because he is somebody who encourages music. If he spots that you're gifted, He pulls you close and makes sure that you have character with that, he would train your life.

 One of the major lessons you can never miss around my father is charging. He would school you on why not, no don't do this, then if I say let me charge, is that really how much I worth? I am worth more than that! And then does that mean that if you don't have it, you can't enjoy the grace of God? These are the things I consider when people say so. In fact once you start talking about money, I may not come.

Recently someone told me on chat that we want you to come for a program, this is how much we have, and then immediately that's like a litmus test for me, so you don't go. That helps me, I believe my dealings with God. 

Freely I have received, freely I should give and then of cause people take it for granted . I just imbibe the principle of Jesus. You go anywhere you're not honoured, I may not come back. And honor does not mean. it's not in money. I've gone to many places, the Holy Spirit will tell me don't take 1 naira from here and then out of my pocket, I have to make sure that the team is okay. We do that but honor is not about this is what we have, there's a way you communicate honor. You'll want to come back.

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