I remember there was a season in our lives I can never forget, when Apostle and I were flat mates, with Jakes and Prophet Jangfa, for close to 2 years, they will tell you, Apostle will buy fuel in the gen and run the gen overnight for two (2) years. All of us will be sleeping. Ok well let me speak for myself, me I will be sleeping. When God started to use him greatly, even me I knew sacrifice is different from sacrifice. 

And that someone has laboured and opened doesn't mean you won't labor your own labour, it just means you will labor from a higher plain, but you must labor. My brother gave a fantastic testimony Pst sir, I'm sure that calligraphy did it come to you by impartation? One of those calligraphy pens, how much is one (1)? Extremely expensive, thank you. The first time you bought it, was it nice? Was it easy? Aren't there other things you can buy? Who doesn't want to do "gy" (be fashionable)? Who doesn't want to use the latest phone? Some of you, you're using the most expensive phone, everything expensive on you is outside, nothing expensive inside your head (crowd laughs).. everything expensive is outside. Don't laugh, don't laugh. Everything expensive is outside, apart from your education , you have never done any other education outside of academic education.

 You now graduate and say there is no job, your training is like every other person, so your opportunities are like the opportunities of every other person. Who has bought data here, to download YouTube videos with regards to his calling and his assignments? I say it all the time, if I'm to calculate how much I have spent on internet when this internet started with starcoms, that big.

Apostle and I, would be going around with that big starcoms internet. The first modem I bought, you see this wifi internet that they sell #7500, I bought it #32000. #32000! In 2007, I was serving in Sokoto, they didn't have friendship Centre in that place, I went to stay by the mast because I knew that the engineers will come from time to time to service the mast, and I needed to buy that internet. I stayed there, the day they came on their Hilux, I said I want to buy MTN this thing, the guy looked at me, because I know one year of NYSC, I can't waste it. 

I need to use that time to build. Those times, we'll be watching Spirit Word, Cobus Van Rensburg. Knowledge is expensive, you go for it! I'll rather wear 1 shirt and 1 trouser, and have 2 million Naira worth of information inside my head. Go for knowledge, pay the price. Some ladies here are saying they want to get married, you have never for once developed a relationship with a beautifully married woman. Jesus said something, He said can the blind lead the blind? Yes! No he said yes, they'll just fall into the??? He never said no. They will lead themselves into the??? If everybody on your circle is on your level, there's a problem.

 What are you doing to foster relationships with people who have gone ahead? There are some ladies here, they have never seen the po.. po... of a small baby. They have neve seen it! And they want to get married. You know there is pampas now, those days, it's napkin. You will wash it. You carry a child for 30mins, you're tired. You're saying oh Lord give me a child. God is looking at you and saying really? Why am I saying this? Go for knowledge!

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