Some of you may remember that a few weeks ago, House on the Rock had the word conference, and at that word conference, Bishop David Abioye came and spoke, now my son Demilade, my second son, my middle son, was at home watching by TV livestream, and so by the time I arrived from Church, I got back home and he came and hugged me and I said high Dim Dim, and he said no, my name is not Dim Dim, I said ok. What is your name, he said you can call me moffy, I'm like moffy? where did you get moffy from? He said moffy is the funky name for Mof. So what's Mof? He said man of Faith. I said ok, alright. Ok hi moffy.  He said Dad, did you hear that message? That message was awesome, now my Faith is strong and I can do anything. I said uhhh great, true your faith is strong and you can do anything. 

He said in fact Daddy, I have told God that to test my faith tonight, I've told God that it must rain tonight. Ahhhh (congregation laughs), now I don't know where to start the conversation, whether to begin to tell him that eehn you must not test the Lord your God. Because, there was no sign, it had not rained for days, there was not a cloud in the sky. No sign of Jack, so I'm thinking gosh, this small boy, his first attempt at faith, is about to be dashed because he had faith without knowledge, or something like that.

He said I'm going to bed now, daddy, watch out, I'm sure before tomorrow morning, it's going to rain and he walked off, seriously, and I went to my bed and I said God please, help me and help him (congregation laughs), because you see, I can't afford to father this boy whose faith will be broken, you know I won't know what to say, but for his sake, I don't know what you will have to do. I couldn't even tell God that He should let it rain, so I thought that I was too smart for that. I had not gotten off my knees, ladies and gentlemen, when I started to hear whooooooooshhhh, I thought it was a joke, I looked out of my window and all of a sudden, the trees in my garden were moving, swaying to the wind I thought this can't be, I'm just coming from outside. 

There was not a single cloud, I ram out of my room into the sitting room, by the time I got to the sitting room, the rain had started, so I ran to Demilade's bed, he had just gotten into bed, and I called him Demi Demi, Demilade, Demilade come come come come come, Demilade comes into the sitting room, then I said it's raining! Then he starts shaking, it can't be, it can't be dadd

The next day, I'm speaking to the entire executive team of airtel, and they're having a retreat, so they asked me to come and speak with them, set the frame of their minds and all of that, and we're talking about how some people are thermometers, they reflect whatever is happening on the outside, but that there are some people that are thermostats, who change what is going on outside, and I gave them the story of Demilade, I asked them, did anybody see a cloud last night? Everybody said no. I said well, maybe you don't understand, one boy's faith, moved God to pour out rain on 21 million people, 1 boy's faith moved God to pour out rain on 21 million people, and I don't know whether that rain went as far as Ogun state, because it was an amazing rain. This is where I'm going guys, the capacity to influence the elements still exists today as it was in the time of Joshua. The same faith Joshua had, is the same faith that is required and is not more than what you have.

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