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 Topic : Look beyond the battle.

 For reading and Meditation: 2 King 6:15-17.

 Thought : Life is a battlefield, however, life battles does not require mere human tactics to become a success.

 Memory Verse: 2 Kings  6:16 And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.

We all are in a battlefield. Getting up so early  to seek for daily bread is in itself a battle but it will be of great importance if we as a Christian can learn and understand how to win life battles without much stress.

It will be so good to join the train of those the Lord had prepared a table before them in the presence of their enemies.

The servant of Elisha couldn't look beyond the battlefield, he couldn't see beyond the multitudes of enemies that encamp around them. Perhaps he must have been formulating some strategies that will grant him an escape root before he eventually summoned the courage to asked his Elisha his master "Alas, My master! How shall we do?"

The level of his fear was so great that he allowed the place of God as a Mighty man in battle to be displaced at that instance.

He exclaimed his mater's name "My master! How is it possible that we win this battle against this multitudes. How?" 

I imagined Elisha laughing at his servant who was void of understanding and couldn't see beyond the natural enemies and then he calmly said "Servant do not fear oooo. If you can see those host of the living God that already encamp around us and if you can see the angels of war that are with us, you wouldn't have been in anyway intimidated".

Probably the servant wouldn't have believed his master's words of assurance due to the fear that has been initiated within his heart and what did Elisha did to help him out?

He prayed that his eyes be opened so that he may see the Glory of the divine backup himself.

Just like Elisha's servant, many of us have fail to look beyond the battles of life.

We are so much afraid that we unconsciously refused to acknowledge the presence of the host of heaven that have been sent to help us win the battles.

Beyond that battle of crises in the family, beyond that battle of finance, beyond that battle of academics and beyond any battle at all, there is a Mighty man in battle who is always there to backup his sons and daughters.

He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah who is ready to devour all life battles for us provided we can acknowledge him as the weapon to be used against those battles.

Probably, you have been thinking "How can I go about it?" just like Elisha's servant. 

Or You have become confused of how to win that battle of sickness or stigma that the enemies have launched into your body during the unknown period. Now look around you and behold the host of heaven casting that sickness away from you.

Perhaps you have thought that you can't make it again and you have completely loss hope of becoming better. Now look around you and see beyond that hopelessness, seeing Christ the hope of your glory.

Life is in level; you move from one level to another. You must not allow your level affect your worth.

Yes, don't allow whichever phase you are affect your worth in Christ Jesus.

Your worth in Christ is more than that problem you are facing.

Your worth in Christ is more than that human initiated project that has make you become unrest for sometime now.

Look beyond those battles and see yourself winning them without much stress.

"The weapon of our warfare are not Carnal". May the Lord open our inner eyes to see beyond the problems and challenges that have encamp around us in Jesus name.

 Assignment: The name of Jesus Christ is a very great weapon of warfare but can a man make use of a weapon he/she has doubt for?

If No.

How is the Success of battles connected to our Christian Faith?

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