Ezekiel 39:29

And I will not hide My face from them anymore; for I shall have poured out My Spirit on the house of Israel,’ says the Lord GOD.”

Many times, people think that God makes it difficult to find or access Him. Some people have this mindset that God plays a hide-and-seek game, where He hides Himself from you for a while so you can seek Him to find Him. They believe God does this so you'll appreciate Him more when you do. You see, such thinking is carnal. 

People who think this way, are trying to qualify God with their human minds and experiences. God does not think you'll appreciate Him more if He hides Himself from you, no! He knows you'll appreciate Him more as He reveals Himself to you! Because He is beauty personified. The prophecy of Ezekiel in our theme verse is where we are in Christ. God does not hide from us anymore.

He used to, but that was for the men of the old covenant, because they did not have His Spirit in them. They didn't have His nature. But we do! We are His bonafide children, and our Father doesn't hide from His children. He is not lost, so we don't need to search for Him. We are in Him, and He is in us.

We should be conscious of this per time because it will help us remain in continual fellowship with Him, and that's His will for us. We should seek to know Him more daily, and grow in Him in depth. If you are in Christ, quit your search for God. You are in Him, and He is in you. Start fellowshipping with Him continually (through prayers and the Word) so you'll know He that you have found more deeply. 

That's the journey, to know Him and grow in Him. His Spirit leads you into all truth. Be desirous to know Him more. Remain on the Word and in prayers. You're blessed

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