Ouch!! I don’t know if you can really picture how frustrating it can be when someone is at the door ready to go in there and quench that thirst but having no key to open the door seems to be the only hindrance. As the sitting in the house of assembly is very possible to do the proceedings but for the absence of the mace so is a solution at hand without an access to it. 
Sometimes life can be so puzzling in operations. As we see someone who is ready to go for that training but is lacking in finance so also we see someone who is unready to go for the training but have everything it takes to fund and be a partaker in the training. For he who has no money to fund the training, depending on human beings for help can be so devastating but when the three powerful command; *Rise, take up and start moving* come forth from the dispenser of grace, human views or protocols become needless.

So dig deep into the value below. Smiles….


 *The fittest.*

 Several years ago, there was a certain man in a village called the unique land. This village has gotten this name “unique land” due to it popularity of having a special pool with five porches which is troubled occasionally in order for the disabled in body to become able . However, the activities that took place at this pool certainly can be liken to the survival of the fittest as many physically disabled, the blind, the halt, the lame, the mentally disabled, the deaf, the dumb to mention but few usually lay waiting in great multitude for the moving of the water from this pool which is set to heal only one person at a given season.

 *The wish* 

Due to the custom, being heal by the water from the pool requires the quality of being swift in getting into the pool. Once it is troubled, he who got in first become the luckiest among the multitudes. To this certain man, there was no hope for him at all as he has gotten no one to help him into the pool let alone getting deliverance from that state of confinement. No family, no friends, not even a soul could volunteer to play that role of a good Samaritan in his life by helping him into the pool as everyone seems to be busy helping their relatives, family, friends, husbands, wives, children, spouses or probably those that paid them to help them into the pool. Although he has visibly experience the manifestation of the touch from the pool upon the lives of others and he hope to feel the touch too but it so sad that there was none to help him out of his predicament. “ If someone can just help me at least just with an attempt to get into this pool”* he lamented.

 *Waned hope* 

Days roll by, turning to weeks then weeks turned to months, months turned to a year and then gradually to years of loneliness, depression and desertion for this man.

 In the scorching sun, cold nights,heavy downpour, booming of thunder and flashing of lightning he was left alone to nurture this wound and carry his burden for a period of thirty eight years. Seeing a solution right before ones eyes but having no access on how to tap in into the solution can be one of the most frustrating things in life and here is this disabled man willing & ready to be healed but have no source of movement for the healing. Hence, he totally become hopeless and accepted this as fate.

 *The Visitation* 

One fateful day, a stranger visited this village and as he was touring round he came to this special location which has serve as a centre of attraction to many within and outside the vicinity of this village over the years. As he walk round to see for himself the hustling and bustling of this crowded place, something caught his attention and behold it was a figure of a man who lay hopelessly on a bed. Knowing that he must have been in the state for long,he moved closer to converse with this man and he said *” Mr Man, do you want to be free from this state?”* . On hearing this, the disabled man thought it was a form of mockery and this increase his pain the more and tearfully he replied “Sir, I know you not but why should you come and rekindle my hopelessness by reminding me that over the years I have gotten no one to help me into this pool”. Even some of those that come here within a day have become free because they have gotten someone to help them out, but what have I done to deserve this painful reminder from you sir?” He lamented.

The stranger look closely at the man and out of mercy he said “Oh man, thou art found grace and favour in the sight of the Lord this day” and with a charging voice he said “Rise, take up thy bed and walk”. Immediately, these three powerful command come forth, this man did exactly as it was commanded of him.

 *The reactions* 

With a shout of freedom he took up his bed and began to show off himself to those around. " So I can be free from this state of stagnancy” he thought aloud joyfully.


Many saw the same man that has been confine to a bed for years now walking around, full of live. Some congratulated him saying "Congrats sir” some were indifferent and some began to look out for faults in his healing saying “Why would you receive healing today of all days”, some said “You didn’t even ask the stranger to wait for the day when due protocols of putting you into the pool can be followed”, others added “The stranger must be punished for breaking the law of the land” but all these sayings didn’t matter to this man who has just been set free from thirty eight years of bondage without paying a dime.

All that matters to him is that he was commanded to rise, take up his bed and walk: and he did.

 *The note* 

What could have been more precious than being liberated from a confine position? To the disabled man, those years were the most bitter years of lockdown in his life. If you can just imagine being lockup in a room for just two weeks with no one to talk with, no visitation, no movement, no freedom whatsoever.

This will just be a bit of the iceberg from the experience of this man.

When the book of remembrance was open unto him, when the grace and the mercy of God fall upon this man, the protocols of men were useless, the verdicts and opinion of men become unecessary. This is what the Visitation of Jesus can do upon the life of a man. When he visit you, human guidelines will be needless. When he come in contact with you all your pain and sorrow will be gone. When he open the book of remembrance unto you, your life will experience that drastic change that will make men stand in awe. When he decided to promote you, human qualification will be needless.

 Human beings might have forgotten, forsaken or rejected you over the years but just wait and hope upon that single visitation from the father who is coming to change your life, status, business, ministry or marriage for the best.

Just note this, the commendations of God outweigh the recommendation of humans.

You are what you are through his grace. Many will not be ready to help you out of that situation but are fully prepared to find faults in that breakthrough, liberation, promotion and deliverance but does this really matter?,No!! For all that matters is that you have encounter him who ask you to stand up, take up your bed and walk into that promotion, into that liberty, into that prosperity, into that radiating prayer life, into that outstanding position. This is all that matters. 

Do not give up on God because in due time he will rebrand all about you through that single visitation.

Build your hope stronger in his promises and await that inestimable testimony. For there is period of waiting. Wait upon the Lord!

I hope & will be glad that you start experiencing such inestimable visitations as from today.

Story Crafted  from John chapter 5.

Hope you got value?

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✍️ Faith Agi.

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