Matthew 12:37

For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.” (NASB)

Like we said yesterday, when you were born again, you were made Christ in you. So the only truths about you, are the truths about the Christ-Life, as contained in the Word. To speak truthfully to yourself and about yourself is you, speaking and confessing only what the Word of God has said about you! 

You are the righteousness of God! So you have the perfect ability and desires to live righteously. You live above sickness. You reign in health. You live above fear. You have the Spirit of courage, of faith, and of a sound mind. You are strong! You are not "the weak" saying you are strong. No, that's not you! You are the strong confessing your strength! Hallelujah!! You are the tabernacle of God's presence. You are kind, loving, gentle, you have life in abundance! 

You live in victory every day and you live to the glory of God! That's who you are! ~Now some people feel sick, and start confessing they are sick! Some people feel scared, and move along with speaking fear into their lives. Some look at themselves and judge themselves by what they see or feel. "I am tried o". "I doubt I can make it". "I'm just being honest, things are too hard for me now". "Life is difficult". 

Simply because they see or feel those things, they begin to confess as such, thereby deceiving their own hearts. As they continue in this kind of confession, their lives continue to follow the direction of their tongue! What a mess. That's not how we speak! We don't loose our tongue because of our circumstances or feelings! We don't deceive ourselves! 

Remain on the Word and in prayers. We'll continue tomorrow. You're blessed. -TCF

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