Text/Meditation: Luke 18:10-14

THOUGHT: Contrition is not mere being remorseful it is completely pouring out yourself in totality before God.

*Memory Verse*:Psalms 34:18 "The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a CONTRITE spirit."

Deep contrition is certainly about you being totally acknowledging the fact that you are just a mere sinner with a lot of privileges. It entails giving your all and the best genuinely.

There is a pattern to take when in the place of prayer, there is a dimension you beget first before opening your mouth to say you want to pray, there is an actual sense of reasoning first before you say you are praying. The first thing to do before they you can actually affirmed praying  is something called *DEEP CONTRITION*

This is a pattern where it is not just about bended knees. It is deeper than that. it is about you being totally remorseful with your heart and your mind channeled to only CHRIST.

DEEP CONTRITION is a pattern where true worship is in place and where the HOLY SPIRIT processes one.

Do you notice why people cry during the time of deep worship? This is because there is a deep contrition taking place in their heart. There is an already alignment  in place.  

Looking at the  case​ of the Pharisee,he can be likened to those who the word warned to take heed lest they fall. He was was completely perfect in his own eyes but to Jesus he was worse more than the sinner who affirmed that he is one. Justification is birthed from a contrite soul. A man that already lifted up himself cannot be lifted up by God again.


It is how you deliver yourself to God that he  would test run you. Never you boast of about your actions, for you are to remember that you are a weakling when you come before him and you are to also note that you are a product of his grace.

Let me share with you a secret in the place of prayer. if you are not in alignment or you have not yet channel your heart to deep contrition or remorsefulness it is just a waste of time. 

This is the time to change posture and deliver that which you are yet to release from *YOUR HEART* to the dwelling place of the immortals.

Contrition is so deep that it is by the act of the HOLY GHOST that you know that you are actually in deep contrition. Sometimes, you don’t even realize but you know somethings are being taken away and replacement has taken place. 

Total contrition entails conforming all within your heart in true worship and confession to him so you can be confirm by him.

Take up that position today. 

ASSIGNMENT: Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to be contrite in heart and tell him how you feel anytime anyday

*PRAYER POINT*: Oh lord look upon me a sinner and be merciful to me.


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