Daily devotional: victory over fear of the rapture




Romans 8:1

There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Like we stated yesterday, two major tools the devil uses to plunge fear of the rapture into the minds of people are sin consciousness and a lack of awareness of the love of the Father. You must know that at your salvation, Jesus Christ did two things for you. Firstly, He brought you the forgiveness of sins (total remission) when you believed in His name. By His blood, He paid the price in full.

Secondly, He recreated you, from being a sinner to being a saint. He made you a man who's desire is for righteousness, and in you, is the total ability to live above sin. Thus you are not a sinner seeking forgiveness. He has justified and qualified you to partake in His divine nature. For this reason you are not condemned, and still for this reason, you must abandon sin and live holy, because it's what you want to do, and He has made you able to do it.

The only reason you may ever struggle with sin is because of a carnal mind. Thus you must make it a habit to stay your mind on the Word of God (Isaiah 26:3 amp),  and negative desires will die of from you. If you continually renew your mind, you won't struggle with sin. Now God loved you dearly even when you were a sinner. Do you suppose He will love you any less now? No! (Romans 8:35-39). You love Him too, and must seek to love Him more deeply. 

That's why you have the Holy Ghost, to help you. You must renew your mind, and focus on the Word of God. Because God doesn't want you conscious of sin (Hebrews 10:2), but He wants you conscious of holiness and righteousness. Also He doesn't want you doubting His love for you. If you love Him, then don't doubt that He loves you. We'll continue tomorrow. Remain on the Word and in prayers. You're blessed. -TCF

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