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The uncomely✍️ 

 *Reference* (Boasting)


  **Thought* Pride is just like a smoke which cannot be covered. Before long it will be seen in the conduct of its host. The bad thing is that it only decreases.

 *Memorise*: 1 Corinthians  8:2 And if any man think that he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know.

According to Proverb 26:12 a proud person is regarded to as a fool.

Boasting is an act which should not be welcome among true believers in the Lord's vineyard.

Whatever it is that you can do should never make you proud. Once you start thinking that you are all in all or irreplaceable then you are heading towards that road that leads to destruction.

Once you start thinking that you are always right and refuse to accept corrections from others even if they are younger than you then you are on the pathway to damnation.

Many times, during boasting, you find the person over exaggerating what they have done, all because they want people to know they have been there before. God says, don't. 

Reading James 4:14-16 will makes you  understand that you have no control over many things in life. So never trust what you have, circumstances change. Even if you have enough money to buy waterbed this does not guarantee a good night sleep.

The act of boasting is an indication of the absence of love according to 1 Corinthians 13:4. So if you find yourself boasting you are yet to have the understanding of what true love entails.

If you appear to know it all then you are far away from knowing that which you ought to know.

The richest person on Earth can possibly buy every material things on earth for himself or his family but not salvation.

Money can buy fame but not good conduct. Also, money can buy earthly security but not the shadow of the Almighty.

Do you boast of what you have done? Forget about them and yield yourself to the mighty God asking him to mould you as he wants.

Remember the Lord resist the proud and gives grace to the humble.

To bask under the full exaltation of him, you must flee away from vain blabbing.

*Assignment*  Look at the life of those that appear to have everything. Will anyone think they are in need of anything?

Check yourself today, which area have you been appearing to have or know it all.

Come to the throne of humility today and make a resolution.

*Prayer point* Father I refuse to be one of those that you cut off their memory from the earth due to vain blabbing.

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