daily devotional: take up the shield of faith. Recreate your world




JOHN 6:634

   We explained in our previous teaching on the shield of faith, that faith is simply believing, trusting, being confident in that which you have heard and know about God. What truth have you heard about God or in God? Either through your personal study of scriptures and time with Him by the Holy Ghost, or through someone else? What truth have you heard in God? Do you believe what you heard? Do you have that confidence and trust that His Word is true and will not fail? If you do, then that's faith. Remember you always have the grace (the enablement) to believe. So it's just your choice to agree with Him and believe Him. Now when you dwell on that knowledge in God which you believe, and meditate on it, so much that you begin to affirm, declare and confess it, you are putting your faith to work.

   That's when what you believe becomes fully operational in your experience. By your continuous affirmations and declarations of it. Irrespective of what you see physically in the now, you keep speaking by faith, not sight (2 Corinth. 5:7) and things will work in line with your faith, even in your life and beyond. That's what it means to take up your faith like a shield. Declare, affirm, confess, the truths you believe and know about God. That way, you live in the revelation and awareness of them. The spoken Word of God is the Rhema of God. That's where the Life and power is. The Rhema of God is the Spirit and Life giving force of God. The Word of God in your mouth is God speaking through you. The Rhema (Words you speak) are Spirit and they make alive (they quicken). They give life, they carry power and produce results anywhere. Go ahead and Recreate your world! We'll go further tomorrow. Remain on the Word of God. You're blessed. -TCF

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