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Keys to success in life 1✍️ 
 Point: Self Control

  Thought: A man that can control himself, his feelings and his thoughts is more better than a leader who can't control himself.

Memorise: Proverbs  16:32 He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.

Self control calls for bringing every aspect of your life under the mastery of the holy Spirit. It is charaterised by discipline. It requires being habitually moderate in things you do. 
Oftentimes many people have get themselves involve in things which they ought not get involve in just because this key is lacking in their life.
Every area of our life requires temperance to moderate our passions, sedateness and patience in our dealings with God and man.
A man that lack self control will wallow in emotional tortures such as strive, anger, envy or  lust.

Our memory verse tells us how great and important it is to be able to control oneself when it comes to getting angry. It even tells us that a man who is able to control his anger is much more better than the mighty and he that is able to control his spirit is far more better than he that take a city. How true this is because a man who lack control is more likely to loss focus and direction which are the backbone of achieviement.
 A man that has anger issues due to his Inability, negligence or ignorance to control himself will destroy everything and be left with nothing. This is what lack of self control can do.

Jesus Christ was a self control personified.Imagine someone coming to tempt/tease you with the abilities & qualities he/she knew you possess. Many wouldn't have been able to keep focus on the rail.The reason being that they wouldn't be able to control their pride, anger or curiosity in this aspect.

It is called Self control because it is to be control by individual. No one is going to control your feelings and thoughts for you and no one should be allowed to do that apart from the holy Spirit. When you have the holy Spirit, other works of the flesh will be subjects to his authority but firstly you must be ready to surrender everything you know you are finding difficult to have control over. If it is anger, you must work steadily and thoroughly on it backing it up with scriptures.
You must be able to control every aspect of your life. You must allow yourself as the branch to bring forth that fruit of the holy Spirit called temperance or self control.
Since it is the fruit of the holy Spirit, the best to do is to allow the holy spirit water you, prune you and fertilized you so that you can bear the fruit and other nutritious fruits that will bring you success in life.

Assignment: What did the bible say about moderation? 
Locate it and jot it down
*Prayer point* Father I refuse to fall off the track due to lack of temperance in the name of Jesus.
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