Daily devotional: into the Word by the Spirit




John 6:63

It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing; the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life. (NASB)

So far, we've taught, to help make clear the difference between the letter and the Word. And the only way to go beyond the letter into the word is by the Spirit. The Spirit of God. He's all the difference there is. This simply means that before you study scriptures, you Should recognise the presence of the Holy Spirit in you. Acknowledge Him and talk to Him. You've got to understand that He's more than willing to reveal Jesus, who is the Word of God. All He needs is for you to know that you're ready to learn from Him and tell Him. 

Now many people are bothered, what if He doesn't teach me, or what if He teaches and I don't hear Him? If you're retaining such thoughts, then you don't want to learn from Him yet. Why? Simply because you lack faith. Without faith, you cannot do business with God. You've got to just believe and know that He'll speak to you. And you've got to also believe and know that you'll hear Him. Refuse to doubt! Once you start doubting your ability to hear God, then you're most likely not going to hear Him. 

You say how can I be so sure that I'll get the Word from the Spirit when I come to learn from Him? Well, simply because Jesus said so. "He'll guide you into all truth" (John 16:13). Guiding you is two way. It means He'll speak to you, and you'll hear Him and obey. That's when guidance is achieved. When you hear and obey Him. So Jesus gave you that assurance. That you'll hear the Spirit and obey Him, and you've just got to believe Him. Because He wouldn't lie to you. Refuse to doubt your ability to hear and obey God. We'll continue tomorrow. You're blessed. 

Say this with me: I refuse to doubt my ability to hear and obey God's Word through the Holy Spirit. I know He'll speak to me, and I know I'll hear and obey Him. Glory to God! -TCF

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