Daily devotional: don't doubt your victory



Matthew 14:30-31

But seeing the wind, he became frightened, and beginning to sink, he cried out, “Lord, save me!”

We've been on spiritual warfare for a while now, and we've looked into a few things, like the authority you have in Christ, the truth that you must take up responsibility yourself to address devils and circumstances and so on. Today we look at how to handle something that has robbed many people off the experience of their victory in the course of their life. That is simply doubt. Many times, people are victorious in spiritual warfare, and are changing things positively, making progress, until they begin to doubt in their minds.

The devil just hopes that you'll think that he or his activities can overpower you because once you think this way in your mind, it reduces or robs you off of faith. The only time people in Christ can experience failure is when they doubt their victory or success. Look at Peter. Notice that he had total victory over the storm and waves until he became frightened. I want you to notice, he didn't become frightened because he was sinking. Rather he started sinking because he was frightened.

He doubted Jesus's power over the storm, when he focused on the waves, and then he became afraid. But it was only then that he began to sink. Peter would think, "I'm afraid because I'm sinking", but no! He was sinking because of the fear. The devil can't actually over power you unless you are scared that he will. The situation can't conquer you unless you become afraid that they will. So the reason for fear is not the failure. The failure is a product of the fear. The fear is a product of doubt. And doubt is simply you, letting wrong thoughts mess with your mind. Catch the secret! We'll continue tomorrow. You're blessed. -TCF

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