Daily devotional: beyond the letters 2




2 Timothy 3:16

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

It's important to understand all portions of the Bible were written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. This means that behind every scripture written, there is a message He (God) intends to pass to us. Now that message  behind the written scripture is the Word of God, and not the actual letters of the scripture itself. Therefore the scripture is like a Holy Ghost inspired coding of God's Word. If you just look at it, all you'd see are codes (the letters). 

Anybody can have the codes. Anybody can quote or memorise them. But only the Spirit that gave the inspiration for the coding can give you the interpretation (the message) of the codes, which is the Word of God. Many people don't understand this, so they see that something is written and jump at it, without getting the message behind what was written. Thus they get letters without the Word (Spirit). 

What do scriptures contain? The scriptures contain the laws of Moses, the accounts of specific men, Kings and judges, the testimony of the prophets, the gospels about Jesus, the accounts of the acts of the Apostles, the epistles of the Apostles and the revelation of John. Everything in the Bible falls somewhere here. There were many times God spoke and it was written. Many times the devil spoke and it was written. Many times unbelievers words were written. Many times lies of men and devils were written. Many times God speaking to unbelievers was written, even the accounts of unsaved men were written! 

So it's not just enough to see that something is written. You need to know why was it written? Who spoke? To whom? What's the message behind the written words. Only when you can answer these questions by the Holy Ghost, can you say that you've gone beyond letters into the Word of God. Think on these things. We'll continue tomorrow. Say this with me: I refuse to function by the letter. I choose to listen to and function by the explanation of the scriptures from The Holy Ghost. I function by the Word of God. I'm blessed. Glory hallelujah!!

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