daily devotional: address them directly!



John 20:21

Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.

Jesus makes us understand that just as He was while on earth, doing the Father's business, so are we now, because we function in His name. He says just as the Father sent Him, so does He send us. In Matthew 28:21, He says He has been given all authority in heaven and on earth. Not just on earth, but also in heaven. And then, in His stead, He sends us. We are now the custodian of the authority of Christ.

He knows this, and expects us to know this too because we have the Holy Ghost. Thus He expects us to use our authority which we have. Just as Jesus addressed storms and situations directly, just as He addressed demons and spirits directly, so must we learn to do the same. This is the secret to prevailing in spiritual warfare. You must take responsibility and speak directly to situations, circumstances, and devils by yourself! Because you're the custodian of Christ's authority.

Too many Christians are too busy praying to God to come and deliver them from Satan or his actions. Well it's funny but He's not coming. Because He already came and gave you authority over those things! Use what you have! Speak the Word of God directly to them in the name of Jesus! You're as powerful as Jesus Christ is. Understand who you are and function as such. Learn that you must address situations and devils directly by yourself because you are the custodian of Christ's authority. You're blessed. -TCF

Say this with me: "I'm the custodian of Christ's authority, and I'm aware of this". Now in the name of Jesus, go ahead and tear down any devil or situation trying to be a resistance to you. 

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