What relationship did darkness and light have together?

Aren't they opposing and  imcompatible? 

What then will the things of God be doing with the things of the world?

The body is the temple of God and the spirit of a man his candle.
 What will a man that claim to be serving God be doing with the things that God detest?

I refused, No to dancing to Dunsin Oyekan's Song on Sunday with a touch of Naira Marley's Song on Friday.

I say No, No to listening to Sinach's song on Sunday with a touch of Cardi B's song on Friday.

I refused, No to feeding the body while the spirit is dying.

I say No, No to blasting in tongues of Angels every night, with a touch of blasting people with the tongues of gossip every afternoon.

I refused, No to reading the Bible with a touch of reading porn magazines.

I say No, No to watching Mount Zion's Films with a touch of watching Blue Films.

I say No, No to Prophesying in church with a touch of lying at home.

I say No to doing things that are yours consistently with a touch of doing that of others with an "I don't care" attitude. 

I refused, No to Singing in the church with a touch of abusing people from street to street with the same tongue.

No to taking the Bible and going for evangelism on Wednesdays with a touch of  sneaking to night club on Fridays.

I refused, No to wearing clothes that exposes delicate parts of the body all in the name of saved by grace.

No to associating with fellow brethren with a touch of self Pride.

I say no to Spirituality that looks as if God is indebted to a person.

No to going to church with a touch of seeking for recognition.

Ahhh I say no to talks like "Pastor see me he did not greet me I won't go to that Church again". 

The truth is that the work of God continue. 

No to helping people out of their problems with a touch of giving the glory to oneself rather than to God.

I refused to be deceived, carnality is carnality and it represent stain.

Say no to preaching against drinking with a touch of waking up in the middle of the night to take a shot of that drink.

No to taking Scnapps early in the morning before going for the morning cry.

No to being an angel to others out there but at home. Hmmmm here comes a fire 

No to helping only those that we think deserve to be helped.

No to loving only close friends and relatives.

I say no, no to Spirituality with a touch of Carnality.

Ahhh i say No, No to a Christian Relationship with a touch of kissing and immoral touching.

I say No, No to loving ancient Generals like Kathryn Kulhman, with a touch of hating a fellow sister in church.

I say no, no to Spirituality with a touch of Carnality.

In Christ divided? No he isn't.
Should we be divided? No we shouldn't.

No to loving only members from same denomination with a touch of detest for people from other denomination.

Going back to ones old ways after new birth can be liken to a dog returning to its vomit.

Say No to praising God only when good things come your ways.

There is nothing to gain if Spirituality is being used to cover up ones carnality.

A wise man said "If a touch from a woman was powerful enough to take virtue out of Jesus.
Then a touch of Carnality can take something out of my Spiritual Life".

Yesssssssss because there is no way bitter leaf juice is going to mixed with fruit juice without contaminating the sweetness of the fruit with its bitterness.

To operate well in the realms of the spirit the carnal man must die completely.

Enough of the deceit.
Wisdom demands that to effectively dealt with problem of carnality, it should be taken from the root. 

1 Corinthians  10:21 Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils.

Carnally minded men are liable to fall into the canal.

✍️ Faith Agi

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