In a relationship, dating or courting, is it okay to kiss? Just a kiss, nothing more. After all, the Bible says we should greet one another with a holy kiss!

Kissing in itself is not a sin depending on where you kiss, the problem is, kissing alone doesn't satisfy! 

There is a way you feel around someone you have no single chemistry for. If they hug you, squeeze you or shake you, you may feel nothing. That is why some men won't feel a single sexual arousal for their secretary or a seducer even if she strips herself naked. He is just not attracted to her, period!

But the one you have emotion for is a different ball game entirely. Your heart is involved, your affection is let loose, your desire for them is increasing by the day, once they kiss you, either on the head or cheek, there is a spark. A sexual current sweeps over you from head to toe, a shiver of excitement runs through your veins, your eyes meet and there is an unspoken expression of wanting more. Of course, no one voiced it, you parted ways but you can't just get the experience out of your head. You meet again, do it again and it lost its spark, why? Familiarity with it. Then you try something new, you move from fore head to nose, then to cheeks, to the side of the mouth, then to lips, to teeth, to tongue, to inner mouth and your whole body is set on fire! You don't stand still when kissing. Your hands began to move to forbidden places, you threw all caution to the wind as the fire was about setting your whole body ablaze! You let go of your mind, your reasoning, your logic, your resolve, your self discipline, the Holy Spirit and had sex! By the time you wake up from your slumber, your virginity is gone forever! Your dignity is gone out of the window and your self respect is already trodden upon, your value is broken and shattered, your future looks bleak as you have a new thought to haunt you daily: Pregnancy, HIV, Gonorrhea, Herpes simplex, Herpes Zoster and other is after then you will remember you are still in school, ought to face your studies or career and build something great for yourself but now, you are divided, broken and shattered! No pre-marital sex leaves you the same, not one! A new spirit enters you, the spirit of lust among others and you begin to suffer from identity crisis!

" Flee from all appearances of evil" is what the bible says. Yoruba proverbs says "what you don't want to eat, don't smell!" If you smell it you are gonna eat it!

I and hubby never hugged once while in school, what for? We came to study not to romance! The first time he held my hand after he came to see my dad (we had both graduated), I felt that "electric shock"! The excitement ran through me from head to toe, that happened on the road while seeing him off. After that, he occasionally held my hands but there was no more spark, I was familiar with that but I wanted more. I wanted to wrap myself round him. I wanted to look into his eyeballs. I wanted that spark again, a bigger, greater one. I wanted romance, I wanted sex.

Hubby will never do that. Point a gun at his brain and command him to do it, he wouldn't budge. He is very strong willed against sin especially fornication, he hates it with passion! We had to fix our wedding date and did things properly. I was already a spinster with a good job, he had a good job as a bachelor too so no need delaying marriage and burnt to death! Our first sex together after 5 years of being in a relationship was on the wedding night!

Where in the name of God are you rushing to? You are just one month in courtship and already clamoring for a kiss? What's your problem? Is that the only reason you are in courtship? Ain't nothing else in your brain???

Stop using the scripture as a lame excuse to kiss. We all know that is the way they greet people in those days and they definitely didn't have sexual chemistry for all the church members. If you want to greet your fiance/fiancee, greet them according to your culture, that is what the Bible says!

May you not do things in your courtship you will regret throughout your life in Jesus' name.

Thanks for reading. God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele


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