1 Thessalonians 5:23 (Romans 12:2 1Corinthians 5:17 Philippians 3:21)

   Now having been saved, your spirit is totally recreated, made holy and pure by God, entirely dead to self and carnal desires, and remains dead to the flesh. However, your mind, thoughts, emotions, imaginations, and other faculties of your soul are not immediately aware of these changes in your spirit. Remember that before your salvation, your mind had already been shaped naturally by the world to function carnally and in carnality. All other faculties of your soul (thoughts, emotions, imaginations etc) followed suit because they only function in line with how your mind is shaped. Your body yields and submits to what your soul is yielded to, and so your body and it's parts functioned in carnality, not because your body is carnal in itself, but because your soul was. Though your spirit is totally recreated at salvation and you are dead to sin and carnal things, the carnality of your soul does not immediately change straight away. Because all it knows is a product of all your mind has been taught overtime.

   And so despite being saved, if you just relax and leave your mind and soul the way it is, carnal and unrenewed, you'd still function like an unsaved man. You'd live in sin and live a life subject to the devils oppression. Not because your spirit is not recreated, or because there's a problem with your body, but because your soul (mind, thoughts, knowledge,etc) are highly carnal. You are dead to the flesh indeed, but your mind will need a "re-education" by the Spirit through the Word of God, to actually get rid of fleshy things which used to operate in it. This "re-education" is called the renewal of your mind. You see the flesh is not your physical body, neither are fleshy desires or carnal desires resident in your physical body as some people think. So subjecting your physical body to suffering will not actually help you. It is your mind (soul) that needs a renewal from being carnal to being spiritual. That's what you need to live in the light of your salvation, and that's what we'll discuss tomorrow. Still remain on the Word of God. You're blessed.


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