Philippians 2:5-8

   As Christians we must understand that the essence of our call to Christ is that our lives should be totally conformed to the life of Christ in submission to God. This is achieved in us as the Word continually renews our mind, transforming our previously carnal mind to a spiritual mind, which is the mind of Christ. A brief but essential description of "the mind of Christ" is seen in our theme passage. Christ who is God Himself, did not count it as a loss or a thing to protect when he was separated from His heavenly glory to fulfill the Father's will. He chose to be obedient to the Father even though it made Him look weak and stupid. He had no ego to protect as far as the will of the Father was concerned. Even though He knew he was not a sinner, He died the death of sinners just because that was the will of the Father. 

   You see, from the world's standards, that is a very unsuccessful life on earth, but from the kingdom standards, that is the most successful life ever lived. Not because He physically suffered greatly, but because He was obedient to the Father, even though it meant great physical suffering. That's the same mind we should have as Christians. Our priority should be the will of our Father in heaven, no matter the "cost" here on earth. After all, Jesus has promised that whatever we give up here on earth for His sake, we will still reap heavily on the same earth, even as the world persecutes us (mark 10:29-30). So why count it as a cost or loss. We must understand that true success as a believer is not in the accumulation of wealth fame or riches, but in the fulfillment of God's will even if it cost us those things. And if ever our physical life is threatened for His sake, we must remember that our true life is that which is eternal in Him. (Rev. 12:11). This physical one is only a tool in His hands to fulfill His will on earth. This is hard for the world, but it is joy to us! 

   This is not to say that we should submit to a mediocre life in the name of Holiness or that we should think less of ourselves as sons of the Most High, but we must understand that everything we ever are and ever have is only a tool for the fulfillment of His will. Let this mind which was in Christ be also in us. The mind that chooses obedience to the will of God as the only essence for living. If something is not necessary for the fulfillment of His will, then it's not necessary for us. And if it is necessary for the fulfillment of His will, then it's necessary for us. May God give us understanding. Accept Christ today if you haven't. Believe in your heart that He died and was raised from the dead, and confess Him with your mouth as Lord and saviour. You're blessed. 


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