Ephesians 6:17

   We are admonished to take the helmet of salvation. In other words, to put on the helmet of salvation. We already explained that the armour of God is the Word of God, and putting on the armour is coming to the awareness of what God says concerning the subject, believing it, accepting it as your reality and standing firm on it. So putting on the helmet of salvation means to know what God says about your salvation and holding firm to it in faith. Of course we know what it means to be saved. To be in Christ. To be born again through Jesus Christ. There is no other name under heaven by which men can be saved (acts 4:12) except Jesus Christ. So you must believe He is God, and He died and rose for you, then declare, confess with your mouth that He is Lord of your life (Rom. 10:9). If you do this, you are saved. Saved from being sinful. Saved from being sickly, saved from being fearful, saved from condemnation of any kind. Salvation in Christ is a very simple thing, if only you believe and declare (confess)! 

   Now it's important to know what exactly happened at your salvation. Why are you saved simply by believing in Jesus Christ and confessing Him as Lord of your life? What did He do when you said those things? What has changed? Why is it called being born again? Who gave birth? Who did the person give birth to? Who are you now? These will help you understand salvation and help you understand why you must hold on to it! Two things happened at your salvation, one is the forgiveness of your sin because of the blood of Jesus (Math. 26:28)and the second is the recreation of your being (your spirit) by the Word of God (2Corinthians 5:18). We'll look into them tomorrow. Please remain on the Word and keep praying. You're blessed.


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