1 Thessalonians 1:6

   The Bible makes it clear, again and again, that in the course of our journey on earth, we will encounter "difficult situations", because of the wickedness in the world, and because the world hates us. Since we are of God, the world tries to be antagonistic to us. Many believers have filled their minds with the belief that they are going to suffer and feel pain and anguish because of the persecutions they may encounter on earth. But hey! That's not the truth. The Word never says so. Yes times that the world will call difficult will come. But for we in Christ, in our lives, we will live through those times easily. Because we are of God, and His Word dwells richly in us. See the theme verse, in a time of great trouble, the Thessalonians welcomed the message of Christ with joy supplied by the Holy Spirit. Please understand the scripture. 

   In a time of GREAT trouble, they had their joy intact, through the Holy Spirit in them and through being filled with the Word. So was there trouble around them? Yes. But were they troubled within them? No! A thousand times No! They lived through great trouble joyfully. They weren't terrified or afraid or perturbed. They had their peace. Beyond what the world could understand, and that's our reality too. So though trials and persecutions will come, we live through them easily because we are toughened beyond their reach by the Word and the Spirit. Feed on the Word voraciously!! Renew your mind! When we say Christianity is easy, we don't mean you won't encounter difficult times, but you will go through them as though they are nothing! By the Word and power of the Holy Ghost! We go through the fire so calmly and easily that the fire doubts it's own existence!! Hey!! Glory to God!! This is your reality! You are tough for the times ahead! And when to prepare is now! Through prayers and understanding the Word. You're strong! Remain blessed. Accept Jesus into your life. Believe He's the Son of God who died and resurrected for you. Confess Him as Lord of your life. You're blessed.


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