Song of Solomon 7:1 declares, "How beautiful are your feet in sandals, o Prince's daughter..." He's talking about us! The church. The royal ones. Children of the King. How blessed, how glorious, how favoured we are. How beautiful are our feet in sandals? What exactly does this mean? Ephesians 6:15 shows a little explanation. Apostle Paul by the Spirit says Christians should be prepared always by strapping the gospel of peace around their feet. Those are the sandals Solomon talked about! The gospel of peace! Gospel means goodnews, message, and  the gospel that brings peace is the Word of God. So in other words, we should be so full of the goodnews always, that wherever we step our feet, we must share the goodnews. We carry the Word wherever we go. When we are so full of the Word like this, it becomes impossible for us to travel without the Word. 

   Isaiah 52:7 explains more. How beautiful, how glorious, how delightful it is in Zion for we that bring good news, that announce peace, who tell good and announce salvation. This just shows you a little of how to live a beautiful and glorious life. Take the goodnews of Peace and salvation wherever you go! Don't step into an environment and be the one to bring up vulgar talk and dirty jokes. No! Don't be the one to stir up fear and complaint. "This country self, our leaders are clowns, they want to kill all of us, they will finish the church with CAMA, this that that, that this this" No! No! No! No! That's not how we speak! We come prepared with the goodnews of God! We step into a sad or depressed environment, and the spirits of people are gladdened, glory to God!! You say "we are great! We are born of God! The church is marching on, and hell cannot prevail!!" Hallelujah!! That's the beautifull and glorious life. That's how you begin to make a change. Choose this life today, you're blessed!Believe Jesus died and rose for you If you haven't, and confess Him as Lord of your life. You're blessed.


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