Ephesians 6:10-11

   We gave a little explanation yesterday on being strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. Check the teaching if you missed it. Being strong in the Lord and in the power of His might is very related to putting on the whole armour of God. In fact, it's by putting on the whole armour of God of God that you become strong (confident) in the Lord and in the magnitude of His authority (I.e the power of His might). But what does it mean to put on the whole armour of God? What does the armour of God even mean, talk more of putting it on? Recall that the Apostle Paul had been teaching the Christians at Ephesus things about Christ, and after His teachings He says, in summary, be strong in the Lord, put on the whole armour of God. The whole armour of God is the truth, the knowledge about Christ. Putting on the armour is coming to the awareness of these truths and accepting them as truths about you. Such that you become an expression of Christ.

   The Word works in you such that you are manifestly a doer of the Word. The armour of God is the Word of God, the knowledge of Christ, which is also the knowledge of yourself because, immediately you were saved, you became Christ totally, living in the body of that person that gave his/her life to Christ, waiting to receive your true body just like Jesus received at His resurrection (yours will be at the rapture). Now you need to renew your mind to conform to your new identity. Putting on the armour is learning these things, believing them, accepting them as who you are, such that who you are, is expressed in you in ever area of your life. Ever area! It's beyond having a good prayer life. You must know the Truth, the Word and accept the Word as who you are. If you don't know the Word, you can't put on the whole armour. Well discuss the armour in detail this week. The times we are in are expedient. Tell somebody about Jesus. He's coming for us, glory to God! Remain on the Word. Accept Jesus Christ if you haven't. Believe He died and rose for you and declare He is Lord of your life. Be blessed. 


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