Daily devotional: truth- the power of information 2



John 14:16

   Now you must understand that there are only two sources of all information you could ever receive. Light and darkness. Light gives Truth, and darkness gives deception (lies, falsehood). Light is God, and in Him there is no darkness at all (1 John 1:5). Jesus Himself said to us "I am the Way the TRUTH and the Life". We also understand through scriptures that the devil is a lair and the father of them all, and when he lies he does what's natural to him (John 8:44). This doesn't just mean that if he wants to lie then he lies smoothly. This actually means that naturally, spontaneously, without reason and just as a way of his life, if the devil starts speaking or acting, he is speaking or acting lies. Whether you think he has a reason to lie or not. It just flows from him, same way righteousness flows from us. This is why we must be careful. God intends that we keep receiving Truth by continually remaining embaded in the scriptures by the Holy Spirit. He says we should learn from Him (Matthew 11:29).

   The only way we will live in truth is if we remain, receiving Truth from God. This is also the only way we will identify deception which is of the devil. It is so intelligently mixed into many things people take in daily; the news, comedies, music, movies, deception is there. Anything that is Antichrist, like fear, worry, sexual immorality, anger, hate, false doctrine, all these are deception. They deceive your mind away from God! The only way to avoid such is by being acquainted with truth, through the Word of God, by scriptures and the Holy Spirit. In these last days, the only people who won't be deceived are not the church goers, nor people that listen to messages, nor people that read daily devotionals, nor people that pray online, but are people who daily and continually study scriptures with the Holy Spirit personally on their own. Such won't be deceived. That it is true that you experienced something doesn't make that thing truth. If it doesn't conform to God's will and Word for you, you are living a lie. Though it is true that those things happen (1 John 1:6). Seek truth, that you may live the truth. Remain blessed. -TCF

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