daily devotional: truth- the scripture like codes



2 Timothy 3:16

   Like we said yesterday, and just in line with the words of Jesus Christ our Lord in John 16:13, truth can only be obtained, revealed, searched out by the Holy Spirit. This means that where the Holy Spirit is not recognised, truth cannot be recognised. This is one reason many people have wrong understanding of scriptures. Because they try to study without the Holy Spirit. You need to understand this; the scriptures were written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The scriptures ON THEIR OWN, as letters; typed written or read without the Holy Spirit is not the Word of God! They remain letters (no matter which part you read, old or new). But once the Holy Spirit is involved, He opens you up to begin to receive revelation of Jesus Christ who is the Word of God, as you read and study scriptures. Therefore the scriptures testify about the Word of God, as the Holy Spirit explains them to you. You begin to see beyond letters. You see Life, you see salvation, you see power! 

  That's how faith comes, not just by reading or hearing the letters, but by hearing the Word Himself (Rom 10:17). So if you don't involve the Holy Spirit, you would end up in error. Therefore the scriptures are like a Holy Ghost inspired coding of the Word of God. So it can be decoded(understood) ONLY by the ministry of the one who inspired the coding in the first place! Before you study scriptures, recognise the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life. Thank Him for being there. He's with you always and forever (John 14:15). So anybody that told you that He (the Holy Spirit) has left you, told you a great lie! Thank Him for the grace for revelation and understanding. Declare that you receive the grace and believe you have it! Then go ahead and carefully study with Him. Be ready to learn, because He will teach you many beautifull things! Remain on the Word of God. You're blessed. Accept Jesus today if you haven't. Believe in your heart that He's the Son of God who died and resurrected for you. Confess (declare) with your mouth that He's Lord of your life. You're blessed. -TCF

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