From: Lee to you


More than what can be said

More than what can be heard

More than what can be thought of

Beyond language, you are a realm of exquisite blessing

J_ Joy Giver

A_ Anointed 

S_ Sweetness

P_ Perfection

E_ Excellent

R_ Relevant.

Yes, that and many more you are!

I am privileged to have you
The less privileged may be people who don't have a kind of you in their life.

You are everything every one wants!
Even God knows this.. Can't you see?

A man of sincere hunger and brokenness

I'll play this JAZZ AS PER this is P JASPERS birthday
You can smile all you want sir, many are brightened by it.

Indeed , God bless you sir for yielding.
Words will fail me but my heart can't.. 
Beyond "I love you".. I LOVE YOU.

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  1. This brought tears in my eyes tho!!! You are worth every word here. Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee­čśŹ­č嬭č嬭čĺ¬ this is beautiful, it is IT.... Happy birthday sir again.

  2. I would have smiled naturally but then I realized immortals don't dwell much in that realm...
    I would have been overwhelmed with joy but then I remembered, the joy of the heavens might be painful to us
    Today the world has received a man of destiny, one whom it will be said of "this world is not worthy of" the angels sing a new song, the immortals stand attention... A warrior, A king, A priest.

    I might not be the best writer but I would write an epistle about this gift of a man
    You're a JASPER amongst stones, a BEN amongst the tribes, an ENOCH amongst men.

    Your testimony will be sang in the books "And he walked with God and was not"

    Happy birthday Pa,
    Happy birthday Father
    Happy birthday Mentor
    Happy birthday priest
    Happy birthday

    From Des

  3. Happy birthday to you brother, I love you deeply