Morning Devotional: The only Life that Lives



Psalm 135: 15-18

   All who are not born of God are like the idols that they serve. (Idols are anything that's taking God's place in their lives). Having mouth but cannot speak, having eyes but cannot see, having ears but cannot hear, having legs but cannot walk. Such is the state of a life without Life indeed. Because true Life is the only Life that lives. Any other life which is not true (ie not of God) is dead. So dead. But we know those who live because Life recognises Life. And because we have the Life of our Father in us, we know and recognise it. We see the same Life in our brothers and sisters and we glorify our Father. When we see the ones who do not have the life of our Father, we call them to receive His life, by giving their dead lives to Jesus Christ, so that they will receive His Life. If any man receives Christ's Life, He is changed indeed. He is separated from the idols and the works of the hands of men. He becomes the work of the life of God, because he becomes born of God.

   If any man who is born of God starts acting like what He is not, (ie acting like he isn't born of God in ways), we know that he has gone off from beholding and listening to the Father. So we call him back to remember who he is and come back to the Father, who is very willing and able to forgive. Such a man is to come back home, and remain listening to the voice of the Father. Therefore if any man reading this does not have the life of God in him, give your life to Christ now, and you'll receive Christ's Life in you. By believing in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and choosing to accept Him into you, as the only life in you. (You can study Galatians 2:20-21). Come back and remain before the King, beholding His glory, that the fullness of His glory will be revealed in you more gloriously. Do this and you're already blessed. 


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